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'Gash Dem' banned - No lighter for Chuck Fender's song

TEINO EVANS, Staff Reporter

Chuck Fender's song 'Gash Dem and Light Dem', has been banned. - FILE PHOTOS

"Gash dem and light dem

For the negative vibes weh dem a bring

Gash dem and lite dem

Mi come fi mash up and wreck up

Dem senseless killing

Gash dem and lite dem

Boy haffi reverse wid dem bag a gun ting

Gash dem and lite dem

Stand guard and come outa di wages of sin."

(Gash Dem an Light Dem, Chuck Fender).

AT LEAST TWO radio stations have confirmed that they have officially banned Chuck Fender's recent single, Gash Dem An Lite Dem, citing problems regarding the content of the song.

"Yes it has been banned, I don't know if it's radio in general but I know IRIE has banned it," a spokesperson at the radio station told THE WEEKEND STAR. The spokesperson, however, was unable to state exactly why the song was banned, as she said only Programmes Coordinator Andrea Williams-Green would have such knowledge. Williams-Green was not in office.

A ZIP DJ also confirmed that their radio station had also banned Fender's song, saying, "it has been banned because of some problems that the Broadcasting Commission had sighted."

Jackie Jackson, information officer at the Broadcasting Commission, had told THE WEEKEND STAR in an earlier interview that, "the commission does not ban any specific recordings or programmes, since this is not the way in which electronic mass media regulations in Jamaica operate." However, recommendations could be made.

A fax sent to THE WEEKEND STAR by Jackson outlining the Broadcasting Commission's position stated: "the Broadcasting Commission is the regulatory body that is responsible for monitoring the compliance of licensed electronic media with standards that are established in the

April 28, 2006

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