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Passa Passa poured pure ... 'Dutty Wine'


Left: A scene from Passa Passa. Right: Bend yuh back an lift yuh head up! A patron of Passa Passa shows a 'Dutty Wine' prelude. - FILE PHOTOS

Di dutty wine, my girl, dutty wine (whoa)

Di dutty wine, my girl, dutty wine (ray)

Di dutty wine, my girl, dutty wine (lawd)

(Tony Matterhorn, Dutty Wine)

LOCATING THE G-SPOT is sometimes a tedious job, but on Thursday morning it was found in the form of 'dutty' wine. Dutty Wine to the uninitiated is best described as epilepsy meeting schizophrenia. Madness uncontained.

With Jerry D promoting a new 'aphrodisiac' drink and mumbling "the big black bug bled bad blood," it was the sign of things to come. A hair-raising moment was to be captured in the form of a dance created in Montego Bay.

Plus-sized women trumpeted and shook the blacktop as they criss-crossed the road, remembering their spots like elephants. The extremely tall peered like giraffes over heads that bobbed below them.


The dancehall church on the road felt the spirit as dawn descended seductively. The preachers, Maestro and Little Richie of Swatch, commanded the congregation to worship in their traditional dance forms. With the vacuum-like feeling shattered by the continuous roars of big bikes buzzing through the crowd, the splinters were blown asunder by the 'dutty winers' 'mashin' up de place' with Tony Matterhorn's Dutty Wine My Girl.

Bend your back and lift your head up

Turn side way, lift your leg up

Bend your face and twist it up

And turn true side like you know you fed

up (Whoa)

Shernette, an 18-year-old svelte 'baby' from Kencot, stole the show as she and her friend Shadai dirtied the atmosphere with their 'rarefied' dancing. Clad in a short white mini-skirt and a sheer, see-through black blouse showing her prepubescent nipples, Shernette crawled and slithered on a flat bed trailer adding meaning to the word dirty. When she was finished, her clothes as well as her thighs and arms were a complete mess. Her gap-tooth grin said it all. She didn't mind. She was here for fun.


Joining them was the petite 'Nicey' whose dynamic style added a bit of lustre to the already-charged scene. A sexy chick from Torrington Park, 'Nicey', did her bit and there was a serious rivalry as she and Shernette tried to out bob their heads and out 'dutty' wine each other. You think head top was bad? Check out the 'dutty' wine. Climbing on trucks, on the speaker boxes and even on top of buildings, these girls exposed the 'dutty'.

Upturned eyes looked skywards as the pupils dilated in a trance watching the dancers flash and dash. None of the ladies in the crowd tried to compete.


Teasing was the order of the morning as a ginger-coloured young lady clad in brown blouse, jeans cut off above the ankles and slippers, stuck out her tongue at onlookers as their wandering eyes ogled her. A playful grin exposed her metal mouth (braces) for all to see she bared her asset while sipping on a beer.

Di dutty wuk, my girl, dutty wuk (ray)

Di dutty wuk, my girl, dutty wuk (lawd)

Di dutty wuk, my girl, dutty wuk (whoa)

Watch di gyal dem a do di dutty wuk (Aye)

The bad men forwarded and pulled up to Ding Dong's Bad Man Forward, Bad Man Pull Up whilst the women paraded their luscious moves. Tattoos seemed to come alive as arms and legs, hips were flung, kicked and thrust in the direction of all the cardinal points.

After a brief respite, the 'dutty winers' got mad again. Going down on their knees and gyrating their lower body with their heads spinning round and round. It was a sight to behold, like the little girl in The Exorcist coming to life. Dutty wine is better done with hair, so ladies anywhere you have to get it, get some hair up in here!


Beenie Man's Hum Hum further added to the bobble-headed antics as a mini dust storm was created as the girls unabashedly cocked their booty 'matics' and sunk their pelvic areas like a titanic onto the hard body of the trailer. Flinging off slippers, hiking up skirts and zipping down pants blurred into a reality of live hard-core gymnastic dancing.Even Madusa' wanted a try

Living flesh intimately caressing hard steel as the 'dutty' winers rolled, creating a tsunami dust bowl on the lifeless trailer.

'Woman time now' seems to be the current saying and it was pleasurable seeing females take the dance lead again. But alas, a couple of pink panthers and Robin Hood in tights were seen doing a bit of the bubble-head movements, much to the chagrin of the independent ladies.

Shernette, the winner of the contest, pocketed more than $10,000 in local and foreign currencies. She even had the magnetic effect of drawing a little boy who tried his best to keep up with her, but being a gracious dance partner, she backed it down to his level and taught him the ''dutty' wine.

The intoxication level had taken effect and the patrons all left in a drunken stupor from consuming the new dance craze hitting Jamaican and the world - the durrrty Dutty Wine.

April 28, 2006

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