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The missing 'X' factor


"Not even the dogs that piss against the walls of Babylon shall escape the wrath I come to pour.

AFTER HIS DEBUT single Plead My Cause, it seems certain that this man has the 'X' factor that some say is missing from reggae music.

Junior X says he is here to pick up where Malcolm X left off. "The name is from Malcolm X. I don't think that him did really get fi complete him circle, so me deh yah now and ah go complete it by all means necessary," he said.He smiles as he says this, but you know he means every word.

His conviction is obvious in his lyrics and his voice now as he speaks. He's more robust in person, yet quite unassuming for a man with a few hits already.His only items of jewellery are a rasta coloured dog tag and an earring in his left ear. He says he wears it for sentimental reasons, though it probably goes against his rasta image."The earring, is my mother do it ennuh.

It pierce form I was about 10. So I always wear it because it remind me of her...Is only because ah you why me ah say this still...but bwoy I never tell nobody that I am a rasta ennuh, but ah so people see me still. I woulddah love fi please everybody but I can't so I just let them please themselves with them own perception of me and from ever since I have always been into reality and cultural music."

Junior X, 28, was born Richard White and has always been consumed with the plight of the poor. He says even while growing up in east Kingston with his six siblings, he wanted to become a lawyer."To be a lawyer would be doing the same thing as defending people but it would be a single thing. But with music, I would have the media and be able to defend people worldwide," he said.

He started singing when he was a child attending primary school, but it would be years before his talent would shine. When he was 15 years old, he finally did his first recording, but it didn't go far.


"I successfully completed the album, but because of circumstances beyond my control it wasn't released ... After that now me get off the music scene because me get a little daughter and although I will make sacrifices for myself, I will not sacrifice another for my dreams," he said.He then put his music on hold and went back to school. When he was finished, he became of all things, a telemarketer. But he couldn't ignore his passion for music for very long.

X decided to return to the studio just for fun, although he kept his day job."I met up with my brother, 'The Chosen One' and we both realised that we both had the same passion for music," he said. Out of this, Herbs House Entertainment, a production company, was born. He started doing other songs, but none compared to Plead My Cause."One day when everybody did leave the studio and I was playing some riddim and when I hear the Plead My Cause riddim, it touch my soul so much. I decided that it was the right riddim to convey everything that my heart was feeling.

So I lay down on the floor and meditate on all the things that I went through and all the things that people went through and that was how the song came about," he said.Since the song was released last May, he says he is pleased with the response it has received both locally and internationally.

"The song gave my career the start it wanted, but it make people know that there is someone out there with a purpose. After the release, the song just start grow, but it was done to uplift the people. It is a hard task for one man, but it is all because of Jah and His omnipresence."Since then he has released two other songs Freedom and Seek Your Goal but he says fans shouldn't expect any other singles now. Instead, they should be prepared for his album which will be released the third week in May."It doesn't have a name for now. I think I am going to call it Freedom By All Means, but I am not sure yet; I might change my mind. It is coming out soon though. The album is going to stop you in your tracks. It will display what is on that many-sided diamond which is life," he said.

April 29, 2006

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