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MARSHALL'S MISSION - Artiste makes effort to be more subtle

BY TEINO EVANS, Staff Reporter

Wayne Marshall performing at Sting 2005. - FILE

WAYNE MARSHALL IS a man with a new mission.

The singer/deejay is on a thrust to get his music across in a more subtle way. As a part of this effort, in recent times he has revamped his approach to music, producing songs that 'give the people something to analyse and think about.'

According to Marshall, "A long time di people dem a hit out 'gainst dancehall, a talk bout it too raw and now, I am just exercising my creativity, so it's saying the same thing only in a more subtle way."

Marshall says he is now using a lot of pun in his songs and the meaning of his lyrics now tends to be two-fold. Songs such as I Forgot Them, Astronaut and Marijuana find him playing upon words.

The artiste says that the onus is on entertainers today, 'to lift the music to another level."

In his song I Forgot Them, he not only speaks of friends in the past that he has forgotten due to their negative energy but according to him, when the lyrics are analysed in its true Jamaican patois, it sounds like he is saying something else.

A part of the song proclaims; We an dem boys, cyan bi nuh fren nuh more (tell dem), a forgot dem from bout ninety-four. ..."

An artiste leaving the public to interpret a meaning from his lyrics is nothing new. Other artistes such as General Degree and Lloyd Lovindeer have made good on the style in the past. Degree's song Pianist and Lloyd Lovindeer's Short Hood are two such efforts.

When THE STAR spoke to Lovindeer he said: "Wi use it (pun) as means of subtlety and we like to write clever lyrics an di people dem weh have sense really appreciate it. Some songs just lend themselves to that kind of style so you will find people responding more depending on the kind of song."

These kinds of songs tend to become quite popular among fans and often lend themselves to controversy. In the case of Marshall's I Forgot Them there are some persons who believe that the song is casting stones at a specific individual, but Marshall maintains that it was not based on any personal experience.

'Is jus a general song weh mi feel seh mi did need fi do fi address certain issues weh mi know happen inna day to day life, but wi nah really throw nuh words or nutt'n like dat. Actually, a one day wi a drive guh down a one show an mi jus hold a vibes, a nuh no personal experience or nutt'n like dat,' he explained.

May 5, 2006

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