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Dutty wine danger

THE 'DUTTY WINE' is a dangerous dance that may cause serious neck injury and lifelong pain, doctors warn.

'Dutty wine' a popular dance done mainly by women involves the rapid rotation of the neck and posterior simultaneously.

"If you throw the body in extreme positions as in the case of the 'dutty wine' you could have muscle trauma, damage to your ligaments and shifting in bones," said Dr. Jephthath Ford.

Orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Paul Wright agrees. He said the 'dutty wine' dance could cause injury in persons who are described as pre-morbid.

"If the person has an existing condition and they do the dance then they could hurt themselves. They would start getting pains in their arms and shoulders," he said.

But dancehall queens who popularise the 'wine' said they have suffered no injuries.

"It just like a normal dance if you don't do it for a while you are going to feel a pain but when you get used to it everything is all right. It's like when you split and you haven't done it for a while yuh leg muscle dem a go pain yuh until yuh get used to it," said dancehall queen Stacey.

"I haven't felt any pain while doing it and have never heard anybody say they were injured doing it," she added.

Recently, rumours started swirling about injuries to persons doing the 'dutty wine.'

"I hear people saying I was doing it and break my neck. I hear I was on a bus doing it and hurt myself but nothing like that. I have been doing it a while now and I don't feel any pain," said Stacey.

Leticia, another dancehall queen, admits the dance can cause some discomfort but she has never heard of injuries.

"If yuh spin yuh head too hard yuh get dizzy but I don't know of anybody who get hurt doing it. I know people who seh when dem do it dem get a pain in a dem neck but no injuries," she said.

Dr. Wright said anyone who feels discomfort 'dutty wining' should stop.

"If they feel any burning or pains or what the Americans call the stinger effect they should stop." He added: "they should not do it again because that's a warning sign."

In the event of injury, paralysis and other illnesses could result the doctors warn.

May 8, 2006

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