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Natty King working on second album

Natty King - FILE

SINCE NATTY KING released No Guns to Town in 2002 he has been keeping busy and is preparing to drop his second album.

'The king' says he has not yet decided on a name or a release date, but says he expects the album to be a hit with his fans. "This album will have a few lovers rock songs on it. I also did a country and western song but I am not sure if it will be going on this album, because it is more like a roots album with a foundation vibe," he said.


However, long before Natty King was inspired to do No Guns to Town, he was a community sensation. Natty King, 27, was born, Kevin Roberts in Bath, St. Thomas, and says while attending high school he realised that he had real talent.

"I used to perform while I was going to school and the people them give me a strength and I keep pushing. But it was a inborn concept. My mother has a lovely voice, but don't really use it that much. I guess she is shy," he said.

Natty says a few years later he teamed up with Steelie and Cleevie. He says when Cleevie heard him sing, he got goose bumps and he was named: "Cleevie roll up his shirt sleeve and say 'Steelie look pon this', cause cold bump ah tek him the way me can sing...After that him write something on two piece of paper and tell me choose one. The one that me choose say Natty King," he said.

Soon after, he set to work on his first album No Guns to Town. He says the album catered mostly to the European market: "It didn't get a good impact on the American scene. I guess it also had something to do with the title of the songs, it was more for the European market. This album is a live track album and I think it is a lifetime album - meaning, even your great great grandchildren will appreciate it," he said.

After the hit single, No Guns to Town, he stayed on the scene with Mr. Greedy, Love Me, Bus Youths and others. Natty King says he intends to continue to make music that people will love and appreciate, but apart from that he says, "I want to produce. There is a lot of talent out there that needs to be seen. Most producers don't see it that way, they don't want to work with you when you are an upcoming artiste, but as soon as you have a hit they do everything to get to you. They don't know how to build."

June 2, 2006

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