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Lady Saw's 37th Birthday Celebrations Afoot - 'No shows' not a part of the plan

TEINO EVANS, Staff Reporter

Lady Saw's video shoot for Queen Of Dancehall. - CARLINGTON WILMOT PHOTO

ONCE AGAIN, BIG plans are afoot to celebrate Lady Saw's birthday, but after last year's 'no show' artistes, Saw promises 'brawta' for her fans this year.

The show, which is scheduled to take place on Saturday, July 15, already has confirmed international acts like Remy Ma and Akon and locally, a hit list of artistes including Bounty Killer, Sizzla, Vybz Kartel, Wayne Marshall, Busy Signal, Spice, John Holt, Ken Booth, Gregory Isaacs and Noddy Virtue with music being provided by Stone Love, Tony Matterhorn, Ren-aissance, Lyve Wyaa, Danger Zone and others.

"Si mi put on Akon pon it this year, suh wi a give the fans dem brawta dis year, it's a bigger show with a bigger venue (Alpart Sports Club, St. Elizabeth)," Saw said.

At last year's celebrations, a number of the advertised artistes, were 'no shows', among them rapper Remy Ma and the Terror Squad. The show, which was held at the Reggae Beach just outside of Ocho Rios in St. Ann, left some patrons fuming about the 'no show' of these and other local acts and even following the show, several patrons com-plained that for tickets which started at $900, they never got their money's worth.


However, Lady Saw apologizes again for last year's mishaps. She says it was a result of circumstances beyond her control.

"I pay these people to come to my show and they will be coming, last year, Remy was booked but the weather was so bad that there were some flight cancellations - but they have never been to Jamaica so this year they are looking forward to coming," Saw said.

Lady Saw also warns that she is planning her birthday celebrations on her own this year, so, "anybody else weh seh dem have anything to do wid my show, it nuh guh suh, a me a spen my money," Saw said.

However, Ian Coke of Hardrock Entertainment had contacted THE STAR earlier this year about Saw's celebration plans, stating that she would be having a weekend of celebrations.

"Celebrations will begin on Friday, July 14 at the Camouflage show and then the big concert in St. Elizabeth on Saturday night. The Camouflage show, dubbed bmobile Camouflage VIP will not be a pay thing this year, it will be mostly an invite thing, a pre party for Lady Saw with special guests like Remy Martin, but Akon will be here for the concert in St. Elizabeth, which will be dubbed Celebrity Walk Out," Coke explained.

However, Lady Saw says, "I will not be at the Camouflage show, neither will any of my artistes be there," she said in reference to Remy and Akon.

"There will be no other performance with Remy or Akon on any other show in Kingston before my show in St. Elizabeth, anything else yuh hear, scrap dat," Saw said.

As it relates to her business relationship with Hardrock Entertainment, Saw says, "they don't do anything for me, my sister does booking for me locally from her home."

June 7, 2006

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