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Father before gangsta


Mavado, STAR artiste of the month. - IAN ALLEN

MAVADO MAY CHANT "gangsta for life", but when it comes to his kids, he sings a different tune.

Mavado says his daughter Daniella, 5, and son, Dantay, 4, are in short, his world. He also says one of the main reasons he works as hard as he does, is to provide for them: "Yuh have fi can hold it down fi di youths dem. Even when nothing naw gwaan, yuh still have fi show the effort."

He says before he became the Mavado that we all know, it was difficult to provide for them, but he would find a way to do it. "Me when deh hustle in the streets from that time. Even if is not the full 100, I put it to the point where it can stretch," he says.

Although Daniella and Dantay are still young, Mavado says he thinks they notice that things have improved. "Dem nuh really understand, but now anytime them call and say 'daddy, mi want this; daddy, mi want that' I can give it to them, so I guess them understand that."

Apart from the material benefits, Mavado says there are lessons he learnt from his father, who died last year, which he will pass on to his children. "I learnt how to grow the youths in the right way and make them get an education ... My father also told me that you can't let people walk over you in life. So is just things like that, that I pass on to them."

Like any father, there is a soft spot when it comes to his girl, Daniella. He says he will advise her about the kinds of boys she should associate with when she is older, but no one can fully control another.

"In life, certain things yuh can't choose for your youths no matter how yuh try ... As parents you would want to see them do this and that, but in the end, they are the ones who make the decisions. So I can tell her not to pick up a careless bwoy or man who beat her, in the end, she will make the decision," he said. In the end, we'll see what this 'gangster' really does.

Date the 'real McKoy'

LADIES, HE SAYS he is the 'real McKoy', but here's your chance to see how true that is. Mavado, THE STAR's artiste of the month, is interested in going out with you if you're between 18-25 years old and in his words "you look good."

All you have to do is write 100 words or less, telling "Why I want a date with the Real McKoy" to or THE STAR, 7 North Street, Kingston, by Friday, June 16. All submissions should include your contact information and a recent photo.

June 8, 2006

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