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Who created the 'Dutty Wine'?

BY TEINO EVANS, Staff Reporter

A dancer does the 'Dutty Wine' dance at the UTech Final Fete, held last month. - NATHANIEL STEWART

THERE HAS BEEN much controversy as to who is the real creator of the immensly popular 'Dutty Wine' dance as a number of persons have claimed ownership or have at least done versions of it.

The dance which involves the rapid rotation of the neck and posterior simultaneously has become a feature at dancehall events across the island.

At least two sets of dancers have claimed to be the originator of the Dutty Wine - Mad Michelle and a group of dancers from Montego Bay who call themselves the Dutty Wine Dancers while others say they have created versions before.

Dancer Mad Michelle, whose real name is Ann Marie McKoy, says as far as she knows, she is the creator of the Dutty Wine dance, but others have since claimed to be the originators.

"Mi nuh really waan mek no comment pertaining to it because it causing a lot of controversy. If yuh want to know who build Dutty Wine, watch the Dancehall Queen 2003 DVD," Mad Michelle said.


"It really getting me upset an it really nuh mek nuh sense. I am a professional dancer an mi nah guh really get involved inna di mix up, fi dem dancing an my dancing a two different ting. Mi nuh really waan cause no conflict, people haffi mek dem own decision. Mi neva give it no name, it was jus my style as Mad Michelle. I just dance, I'm a creative person," Mad Michelle explained.

Due to the controversy Mad Michelle says, "the best thing is to name a dance and register it because this has been an issue recently, who build da dance yah, an who thief it."

Another dancehall personality, Medusa, says she was the first to create a version of the Dutty Wine but will not claim to be the originator of the dance's current form.

"I was ahead in my time, so I use to set the foundation in dancing an mi usually do things weh odda people nuh do an did fraid fi do, like dance an swing mi head an flash mi hair while going down on the ground," she explained.

According to Medusa, "there is a new style of Dutty Wine now and this is a new generation an di dancing a get madda nowadays, suh is the times create the new 'Dutty Wine' suh even though me did do a Dutty Wine it kinda different suh people nah guh really seh a me originate it."

She added, "di dancer dem weh inna di business long time an grow wid me a seh nuh you start di Dutty Wine but even when yuh create a dance it a guh evolve, cause from 1992 mi a spin mi head an a gwaan mad."

Despite who originated the dance, one thing is for certain, it has become one of the most popular dances in dancehall, especially as it is partnered with Tony Matterhorn's song, which has the same title.

June 14, 2006

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