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Mavado's Wish list

KRISTA HENRY, Staff Reporter

Mavado and his daughter Daniella share a moment - IAN ALLEN

WHAT DOES THE Real McKoy want? We all know our artiste of the month, Mavado, is hitting it big in music, but what does he dream of for the future, what are his deepest desires? THE STAR discussed with the artiste his wish list.

What's top on his list? The most important desire, for the young artiste is, according to him, long life. Mavado, "Tell yuh the truth, mi want a whole heap of tings. But what mi really want over everything is a long life, life over everything. Wid long life, mi will get to have everything I want. Mi haffi live fi get all mi goals."

Next to his life is the life of his son and daughter. Mavado states, "Mi wish mi yute grow up and get fi know mi, so mi can grow dem right. Mi woulda like see dem become doctor and lawyer fi real, but is their decision. Whateva dem want from life, I will pray for dem fi get it."

The violence and crime in Jamaica is also of concern to the DJ. He claims that it affects everyone's life. Mavado says, "Mi wish the men will put down di guns. So dat Father God can send more blessing unto we."

Mavado continues, "Mi wish di whola mi frens dem long life too, great careers, get big, Foota Hype and dem. Cause a nuff yute a dead young now." Of course his mother could not be left out. Mavado elaborates, "Mi wish mi can buy mi madda a house on the hill, and di pretty car too. Mi neva born wid none of dat, mi neva see mi parents have none. But mi want my yutes to have it growing up, so no man can trick my daughter wid no pretty car. She used to it."

Last but not least on the artiste's list are his fans and other people in the business. "Mi hope seh mi fans keep listening to mi, dem happy. Mi wish long life fi Busy Signal, Aidonia and others," Mavado said.

It is obvious that Mavado has a lot to aim for, but as he claims, "Me a look forward to everything. Fi get pay an' ting."

Gangsta chat

YES, HE DID say "gangsta fi life, we nuh tek talk", but he'll make an exception this time. Mavado, THE STAR's artiste of the month, says he wants to chat with his fans on Tuesday, June 27. So all you have to do is log on to between 5-6 p.m. and call 1-888-THE-STAR (1-888-843-7827) between 6-7 p.m. Come on ladies and gents, he's making an exception to his rules and so should you!

June 20, 2006

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