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Mavado's reflections


DJ Mavado visited his father's grave at Dovecot in St. Catherine recently. - IAN ALLEN

A FEW DAYS after Father's Day, Mavado, THE STAR Artiste of the Month, visited his father's grave at Dovecot, St. Catherine.

No one knew what to expect when we got there: how he would react, or what he would do while he was there.

As if on cue, when we arrived, Jah Cure's Reflections echoed from Mavado's car stereo and Mavado set to work trying to find his father's grave.

Once he found the grave he silently bent there for some ten minutes. He walked off every now and then to get a smoke, but came back, and always going back to the same position.

Mavado says since his father was buried in February, he hasn't visited the grave, though he has wanted to do so. "Is not somewhere that I really like still," he said about the graveyard, "But coming here means a lot to me."

Mavado's son Dantay was also there, and at one point Mavado asked him to go to the spot and pour water there. Dantay, of course was hesitant, but Mavado insisted and in one pour, it was all over. He instantly ran back to his father's side.

Mavado's father died in Switzerland last September and it took a few months for the body to be transported to Jamaica.

"Him shoulddah still deh yah, yuh see me? Mainly because of everything wha a happen. But a just life; life is like that - sad things happen," he said.



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June 30, 2006

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