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Christine is dead!

Christine Hewitt

THE POLICE LAST night confirmed that the body that was found in a burnt out Toyota Hiace van is that of former talk show host and public relations practitioner, Christine Hewitt.

According to the police, at about 6:45 p.m., residents of an area along the Mount Industry road in St. Catherine, heard explosions and called the police. When the lawmen went to the scene, they found the charred body of Ms. Hewitt on the rear seat of the vehicle.

Due to how badly burnt Hewitt's body was the police had to use her wedding band to identify her. The cops believe that she was attacked, shot and then her body put back in the vehicle before it was set ablaze.

Several persons who converged on the scene expressed shock at the gruesome murder.

The common reaction to the news of Hewitt's death from persons in the entertainment industry with which THE STAR spoke last night was one of astonishment.

"Oh God, I can't even believe. I don't know what to say. You know she just talk to my sister the other day and I just can't believe. She was a beautiful woman, she may use a lot of words that most don't understand but she was so funny. Mi did love her ... She liked the less fortunate people, I remember when she did a charity show in the country for a woman with AIDS," said deejay Lady Saw.

For another deejay, Lady G, the lost of a good friend was a lot to bear. "I don't believe it. Mi and Christine a good fren. She's a person who a lot of persons don't understand but mi understand her. Monday I was talking to someone about her. Mi really sad, I just can't believe it. To seh is somebody mi talk bout Monday and she dead is not even Friday," she said.

In April, Ms. Hewitt announced that she would be entering representational politics and intended to represent the governing People's National Party in the South Trelawny constituency.

The St Catherine North Homicide division who are investigating Hewitt's murder have not yet established a motive.

June 30, 2006

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