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Lisa Hanna custody battle could be settled out of court

BY BARBARA GAYLE, Staff Reporter

THE CUSTODY BATTLE between Miss World 1993 Lisa Hanna and her former husband businessman Dr. David Panton, over their five-year-old son, could be settled out of court.

After legal arguments were completed this week, the Court of Appeal advised the parents and the lawyers representing them, that in the best interest of the child they should try to settle the issue.

The parties agreed that they would try to resolve the issue. They will return to court next week Tuesday to inform the court if an agreement has been reached.

If the parties have not settled the issue then President of the Court of Appeal the Hon. Paul Harrison, Mr. Justice Algernon Smith and Mrs. Justice Zaila McCalla will have to make a ruling on the issue.

The parents have been engaged in a long custody battle since January this year when Ms. Hanna went to the Supreme Court and got an order for the child to live with her until further orders. The child who then lived with his father in the United States of America had come to visit Ms. Hanna for the Christmas holiday.

Although the parents have joint custody of their son, Dr. Panton is the primary custodian for the child based on an order made in a court in Atlanta, Georgia, where the parents were living when they were divorced.

A further hearing took place in the Supreme Court and an order was made for the child to return to the U.S.A. where his father resides. Ms. Hanna appealed against that ruling and after hearing legal arguments, the court asked the parties to try and resolve the issue.

July 7, 2006

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