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What about the kids?


I am a concerned single parent who wishes to address a big problem come April 2007. At present, have a daughter entering the second form in September at Alpha Academy High School on South Camp Road.

My growing concern is that Sabina Park will be hosting some matches in the ICC Cricket World Cup in April 2007. Now all the schools within the surrounding and adjoining community will be closed for the month.

I cannot understand what the Government means when they speak of the importance of "today's education for today's youths." In order for our children to get this month's syllabus we the parents have to resort to summer school, spending over $7,000 for three weeks of what is rightfully theirs.

I know you clearly understand that in a country like ours, it is hard when a single parent like myself has to spend over $7,000 out of what they don't have, taking into consideration that September is just around the corner and school fees being over $15,000, not to mention books and proper uniform.

What I think the Government should have done is to extend the school year, shorten the mid-term and holidays and let the same school fee cover that expense while the parents find the lunch, bus and shoes which these children destroy so often.

The schools that are affected are:

Alpha High, Alpha Infant, Alpha Boys, K.C., St. George's College, Holy Trinity, Holy Family, Pentab, Bethel Basic, Clan Carthy High, Clan Carthy Primary, Jesse Repol, among others.

Do mi a beg ounu, si weh ounu can do fi wi!!!!

Concerned parent


July 17, 2006

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