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Carmel Moravian Church

Carmel Moravian Church

By George Henry, Star Writer

NAME OF CHURCH: Carmel Moravian Church

LOCATION: Carmel, Westmoreland


FOUNDER: Mr. and Mrs. Hutchinson Muir Scott

FIRST MINISTER: Rev. John Scholefield


G.H. Lopp -1903-17; Fredrick Weiss - 1917-34; C.F. Smith - 1934-44; H.T. Cuthbert - 1944-47; Robert Burd - 1947-49; John Berry - 1949-55; H. Ashton-Smith - 1956-63; John McOwat - 1963-67; Desmond Quate -1976-72; Michael Smith -1972 -74; Geoffrey Tate - 1974-76; Orville Neil - 1976 -79; Clinton Robinson - 1979 - 86; Levi Watson - 1987-94; Desna Goulbourne - 1994-2001 and Devon Anglin-2001-2006.

CURRENT PASTOR: Rev. Reginald Seymour


OLDEST MEMBER: Mrs. Christina Gooden (96)

CHURCH HISTORY: Carmel Moravian Church was established out of the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Hutchinson Muir Scott, planters who owned several properties. Being Christians, they became concerned about the spiritual welfare of their slaves; hence, while on a visit to England in 1818, they applied to the Bishop of the Church of England to supply them with someone to give religious and spiritual instruction to the slaves on their estates.

On their return to Jamaica the Scotts invited Moravian missionaries to their home and regular services soon began on different estates in the area. In 1826 Mr. Scott constructed a temporary church building on the present site and made a road up the hill to it.

In 1827 John Scholefield was called to serve at Carmel and he had the task of overseeing the work on the new church which began that year. The building was completed in 1828. Not long after, however, the building proved too small.

Consequently services had to be repeated in the afternoons to accommodate all the worshippers. In 1859 the church was enlarged. In 1860 Carmel received 117 persons, 70 confirmed. In 1903 when the church was 76 years old, the membership was 1,587, with 684 communion members.

OUTREACH PROGRAMME: The church runs a medical clinic occasionally while benefiting Carmel and neighbouring communities.

It has a youth ministry from which youths in and around the community benefit. It has a feeding programme that benefits the needy and it gives a helping hand to the needy and shut-in members of the church, as well as non-members.



Sunday School -10a.m.

Divine Worship -11a.m.

Youth Fellowship - 4p.m.


Bible Study - 6:30p.m.

August 5, 2006

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