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Feds hunt Jamaicans
Gordon 'restoring trust' in WICB
Dancers tour much
Absolutely know way!
Faithless dreams
Making it known

Dancers tour much
Dancers have, in recent times, been touring more than usual. They leave the island nearly as often as the deejays and some will tell you that they even perform sets onstage that are equal in length to that of some deejays. John Hype says, "when yuh guh...
CENTERSTAGE with Anthony Cruz
Which high school did you attend? Holmwood Technical. - How did you get started in the business? Through Willy Lindo, this was in Miami. - What has been your greatest challenge in the business yet? - Getting my name out there so that I can become...
Good Times or Bad
Intro: Yow mi girl, you know we have the love chemistry lock. Yow its me and you, Huh listen up girl. Cho. Where there is good times baby. Where there is bad times. It is the nicest time we will ever have - Where there is sad times baby.
The Colony meets Heritage
It's official! local rap group The Colony has been signed to Morgan Heritage's Dada Son Entertainment Record Label and is managed by Gramps. The group, formerly called the 'Holocaust', was virtually unknown to much of public.
No stardom
Just about every show and programme features last year's big hits Christopher Martin and Noddy Virtue. The 2004 debut of Rising Stars made a number of other names popular, but after the hype, it seems their stars have faded.
All-night party at 'Stars R Us'
The indigenous reggae music that makes Jamaica a beacon came alive on independence night at the Mas Camp, Oxford Road, St. Andrew. The emancipated and independent feeling was in the air as the 74th staging of Stars R Us paid homage...
Energy Beat releases new singles
ENERGY BEAT has released three new singles, Joy Ride and Acknowledge Him by Orrette Flemmings on the Joyride rhythm (Soul Index Label) and Good Or Bad Times by Tanto Metro and Devonte (Shocking Vibes production riddim blink label).


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August 11, 2006

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