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Jamaican style 'dirty dancing' gets dirtier

By Krista Henry, Staff Reporter

This was one of the many dancers who entertained the crowd with her version of the Hot FK dance at the Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest show at the Old Hospital ground along Gloucester Avenue in Montego Bay on Monday, July 18. - Noel Thompson

Dutty Wine song and dance spun out of control, took Jamaica through a head-turning period and introduced the world to 'dirty dancing' Jamaican style.

Now another dance, the 'Hot FK' is threatening to blaze locally and to knock Dutty Wine from its lofty throne.

The dance usually features a woman bent forward, simultaneously wining her posterior and fanning her crotch while affecting a pained expression on her face.

Although still in its early days, the raunchy dance is creating controversy as dancehall acts compete to create the song that will properly introduce the dance and create its own fervent hype.

Elephant Man, Vegas featuring Hotta Ball as well as Crazy Chris from Montego Bay have all created a song centred around the dance, which, like the Dutty Wine originated in Montego Bay and is said to be created by the 'No Manners' and 'Excellent' Girls.

When the STAR spoke to Crazy Chris, a selector from Pure Playaz and Citywest, he claims to be the first DJ to make a song for the dance, but others started jumping on the bandwagon of the song and dance combination after seeing its potential. He says "me first mek a song for it, just through mi deh a Mobay it kinda slow".

In Kingston Hotta Ball and Vegas' song Hot Wuk is heating up the place. The artistes have been promoting their song all over town. "We a lock di dance, campaigning, a lot of promoting. We pass through Passa Passa, Asylum on Tuesdays," Vegas said. "We give weh fans and bedsheet. When yuh 'hot wuk' yuh haffi cool off. Then di video gonna lock di place. For di girls we call it 'hot wuk', for everyone 'hot dance', for Passa Passa and Weddy Weddy 'hot fk'," he said.

Call it what you will, the dance, coming on the heels of the Dutty Wine may suggest that women are becoming more a feature on the dancehall floor.

"Dutty Wine change it, everyone want build a dance for di girls", Crazy Chris said. "Trust me Hot Fk a go mash up di place. Mi a get crazy call from all ova di world. Mi first sing 'bout Dutty Wine and Matterhorn come Mobay and hear bout it and like it, but mi nuh grudge him. Mi nuh get as much call fi Dutty Wine like we a get for Hot Fk," he said.

Vegas concurs "the song is the craze inna di dance, but it's still early days," he said. "It holding Passa Passa, I have a video for it coming out. It has two different versions, one is PG."

"Dutty Wine sell off all over the world, its all over the Internet. 'Hot Wuk' is more back in the days, wining thing, nuting like Dutty Wine, only the girls dem doing it. It's yet to see if it can reach as big as Dutty Wine. Di girls vibe wid it," Vegas said.

However Crazy Chris is displeased that everyone is jumping on to his song. "Mi feel a way, 'cause a mi bring di girls up to Fletcher's land every Friday for 'Dutty Fridaze', a mi first buss the song and dance. Dem come down there and see it and dem can't contact mi. Not even fi put me in the video. But mi a go work pon releasing one video out by November", he said.

"Mi nuh hear the song, mi see the dance. Its not a matter of who mek it first but who buss it. Is my song that taking over the place," Vegas says.

According to Vegas, it's simply about creating a dance for the girls. He states "girl's create di dance, we give them sumting to dance to. Creating songs from dances a long time ting".

If it will be as big as Dutty Wine is yet to be seen, though some suggest the explicit name and nature of the dance may pose a problem. But as Hotta Ball says "dem no care in the dance, dem like it".

September 7, 2006

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