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Perverts at the gate

Last Thursday's story about sexual perverts stalking children - schoolgirls, to be precise -at schools is frightening and disgusting.

It is especially frightening because it is only a small step from a man exposing himself to a child, because that is what the schoolgirls are, to trailing one and taking her away.

What is disturbing, though, is that the situations (and it seems to be several Kingston schools that the perverts are stalking) are known and are continuing. A policeman at the Cross Roads station said that the lawmen are keeping watch, but it does not seem to be difficult to apprehend the men who are exposing themselves. If police officers can patrol a stop sign to see if anybody is breaking it, as happens just outside Meadowbrook as well as on Heroes Circle, then certainly an officer or two can put on plain clothes and wait on those potential rapists.

If someone can sit naked in a car outside a school, then certainly they can be at least embarrassed by a demand to see their documents, this necessitating that they come out of the vehicle. With the presence of many a telephone equipped with a video camera, the potential for embarrassment that goes way beyond being hauled before the court, looms large.

It is also very disturbing that the police are taking preventative measures even though they have not had a formal report. Way too often sexual harassment is allowed to continue and escalate simply because people do not report the acts, and it is sad that this silence can come from institutions dedicated to educating and guiding the young.

October 2, 2006

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