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Da'Ville highlights his favourite songs

By Teino Evans, Staff Reporter

Left: Da'Ville performing.   Right: Da'Ville talking to a fan during THE STAR phone chat segment on Tuesday October 10. - Anthony Minott

Many have grown to love his music, and currently, he even holds the number one spot on the music charts for his song 'On My Mind'.

Now, Da'Ville, The Star's Artiste for the Month of October, gives insight as to why all of his songs are like personal favourites along with those that have surprised him.

"My problem is that I don't have one particular song. I enjoy all of them, because is like a vision pon a musical level wah mi guh tru, so they have individual meaning to me," he said.

The song that Da'Ville says has been his biggest surprise to date is in fact his biggest hit.

"On My Mind surprise mi, mi nah lie to yuh. Mi neva know seh so much people would a log on to it in such a short space a time. And then the boundaries weh it cross, because it was a reggae song and now it big inna Japan, Italy, couple places inna America like Florida, the Caribbean islands to. It actually number one inna St. Lucia," Da'Ville proudly revealed.

He added: "I'm hoping that it (On My Mind) will hit the European chart and the Billboard chart - all the major charts - and captivate people from all different class and culture. Most importantly, I hope it will make some kind of positive impact on the world."

October 23, 2006

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