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Busy, Aidonia feud intensifies

Kavelle Anglin-Christie, Staff Reporter

( L - R ) Busy Signal and Aidonia - file photos

The slowly brewing Aidonia - Busy feud has intensified, and not to be outdone, is the Kartel - Bounty clash.

After Mavado's birthday bash came to an abrupt end on Saturday night because of a fight between Aidonia's camp and other followers of the Alliance, there has been a battle of he said, he said.

Aidonia's camp alleges that fellow Alliance member and rival Busy Signal approached Aidonia with a knife on stage. on the flip-side, Vybz Kartel says if the show had not ended prematurely, he would have performed, irrespective of Bounty Killer's instructions not to do so.


Kirk Roberts, Aidonia's road manager, claimed that the first tussle started when someone from Mavado's camp refused to let Aidonia's entourage on stage. He then described the events leading to the second, he claims.

"Mavado give the mic to Aidonia and him start deejay and then Bounty Killer come pon stage and Aidonia step to the side of the stage and Mavado do a next song. Then Busy a walk pon the stage and a open and close a knife ... then when Aidonia get the mic, Busy mek one big step with the knife and two men travelling with us push him off and that's where it start. A must the mic him (Busy) did want, but him can't approach a next artiste with knife. Him tek it beyond a lyrical confrontation there," said Roberts.

Aidonia not in Bounty-Kartel war

Roberts also reiterated that Aidonia was not involved in the Kartel - Bounty war, nor did he want to be. "People out deh tink say him do a song bout Bounty wid Kartel, but is Busy him talk bout because him did do a song bout 'Addi a him daddy' and Busy do one saying, 'Mi nuh care a who dem daddy', so Aidonia do back one wid Kartel where him talking bout 'him nuh haffi dress inna full black' talking bout Busy. Is not about Bounty."

When contacted, Busy Signal, who described the accusations as 'foolishness', said the situation warranted only a one-liner: "Dem quick fi run to media, inform and make up stuff. Me? Mi nuh stab nobody. Tell dem, don't hype and don't overdo it. "

Vybz Kartel, who had been standing on the balcony overlooking the stage, then rushed towards the altercation: "Aidonia never attempt fi call me pon stage...Me deh pon di balcony and hear Aidonia say, 'Wha dat?' When me reach di flat Didididi tell me say a Signal back knife offa him. I was gonna go on if da show neva mash up cause that's my town, Portmore City, whether it's Alliance, or Appliance."

Before the performances got underway, Bounty Killer and his entourage, who were also on the balcony, approached Aidonia, warning him that Kartel was not to perform.

"Him go to Aidonia wid a bag of man and a say him fi tell me say me cyan work and me did deh one side, so why him neva come to me wid him foolishness? Who him be? Go siddung pon yuhself...Anyway me go way and come back with the anticipation of working. So mi stand up pon di roof a wait fi a man say something and do a verbal assault," said Kartel, who had been previously advertised for the show. Obviously it didn't get to that point.

Few road blocks

Kartel says since his split from the Alliance, there have been a few road blocks in his career path, but he is not fearful.

"Dem nuh try it already. A say me cyan come deejay a Portmore. How him fi do that? How can one person be so arrogant and self-centred and proud fi tell a next man fi tell me say me cyan perform? Nothing that them do cyan stop me...I don't know what's this that them trying, bout switch. Beenie is my bredrin from long time; we nuh par, but a mi bredrin same way and mi a nuh part of Alliance and mi a nuh part of Shocking Vibes. Is like a man want we fraid because, is like him (Bounty) a go banish a man outta di kingdom. Mi nuh sure, so I'm saying, maybe; maybe is because me have mi house and mi kids and them things deh mek me think me is a man. As me say, maybe. Maybe a dat mek me think me can think for myself. Maybe. Music is fun and some man just a kill up dem self," he said.

December 6, 2006

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