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Edith Dalton rallies for peace

by Sacha Walters, Staff Reporter

Students of Edith Dalton James High School getting wild at the NO violence in School concert.

Students at Edith Dalton James High School were full of energy at the No Violence School Tour yesterday.

Earlier performances by Maurice, Shane O and G-Whizz allowed Edith students to exhibit not only their enthusiasm, but their lyrical knowledge.

Brahyhan Art, Aisha and Hitlist followed suite with tunes which were a mixture of motivational, soulful and pleas for peace respectively.


Etana and Teflon also got the crowd going. Teflon's Holding on to Jah, JahLand among others produced a request for an encore and he obliged with Bless me Jah.

Prodigal Son told the crowd, "This a more than jump up and shout," he said between performing I Wish and Wow.

QQ got his usual screams and a whole lot of help from the audience with his song Poverty. Neva know the use of har and Stuckie alsohit the mark for the teen star.

Bling Dawg also had the vibes going, Jagwa gave a taste of 'Guinness by the case' while Aidonia got the girls screaming with bits of Jolly and Oku bit.

Two past students, Kiprich and Bounty Killer, also passed by and wowed their alma mater.

Telephone thing

Kiprich did the crowd justice with Telephone Ting and Letter. The crowd called him back for an encore and he obliged.

Bounty Killer promoted the no violence theme to his former school.

"Education is a driver's licence to the world. Violence is not the way," he said in between a packed set of Anytime, Look into my eyes and Book Book Book among others.

Fellow Alliance counterpart Mavado joined him on stage with revised versions of Whe dem a do and Dreaming and ended the show on a high point for the students.

Left: Aidonia   Right: Prodigal Son and Nesbeth. Ian Allen photos

Left: A kid among the students at Edith Dalton James High.   Right: Bounty Killer and Mavado attempting to promote the NO violence in School message at Edith Dalton James High School in Duhaney Park.

December 6, 2006

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