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Chosen Ones - Chrissy D, Prodigy engaged

Teino Evans, Staff Reporter

Chrissy D - winston sill

When Ryan Mark Reynolds a.k.a. Prodigy and Crissy D (real name Dawnette Nevers) first met, neither could have predicted what God had in store for them.

On September 30, Ryan Mark popped the big question, asking Crissy D to become his wife.

However, in retracing their steps, Ryan Mark and Crissy D, both gospel singers, say the revelation was a major surprise to everyone, including them.

"People will seh 'how wi never pick up seh you an Crissy D a deal?' an wi seh 'we were jus friends.' wi jus keep things open and true, but truss mi, nobody, not even we, never see it or expect it," Ryan Mark said.

"She had her eye on somebody else, and I had my eye on somebody else an wi usually have conversation bout di person dem weh we see an want, till we never even si each other. Suh when God drop it pon wi, wi not even remember a who wi did have wi eye pon."

Crissy D shares a similiar story. "Ryan use to invite mi to come minister wid him an mi use to sey 'Ryan mi cyan bother come tonight', an he would say to mi, 'Dawnette, mi nuh want yuh enuh' an me would a sey 'mi nuh want yuh either'. But it was just mutual friendship, mi really never si Ryan dah way deh, suh mi did haffi seek God an seh jus put it in me if it is Ryan. Is like the Holy Spirit jus move on mi an mi start si Ryan different and even though Ryan is younger in age, wid God, is all about being mature in him."

There is a 14 year age difference between the two, but both Chrissy D, 35 and Mark, 21, say they are fine with it and none of their family has a problem.

"My parents love ar, dem don't have a problem. The age difference is not a problem to meÉfrom mi likkle mi did love older womenit nuh trouble me, it nuh trouble ar," Ryan Mark said.

Mark says he recalls the first time he saw Crissy D was, "at Danny Browne's studio at a Bible study. That was the first time I saw her since she became a Christian."

Chrissy D, once a secular artiste converted to Christianity in 2003.

He continued, "After that we talk, but nothing was in mind. And then after that, it was the same time when mi did do mi album an mi do a song called I Love You Lord and the Father did say a Crissy D mi muss do di song wid. So when I approached her, she was saying that I can sing the song by myself because she tek all her directives from God. But it just so happened that God started speaking to her and once we got the song done nothing still wasn't there."

Ryan Mark says he even visited her church (Out of Restoration Church in Duhany Park) by chance one Sunday and eventually left his former place of worship, Church on the Rock to worship with her.

"Wi guh couple concerts together because we sing the song, but nothing still neva deh deh. Mi did a run from ar still, cause Crissy is a person, she wi talk bout Jesus from morning till nightÉmi find her to be super spiritual, is like yuh can't have a real conversation wid ar. But after a crusade one night, mi jus start see ar different, after wi a friend fi bout two years. Suh mi text ar one night an tell ar how mi feel and is like the same time God a talk to me Him did a talk to her. So from that we kick it offÉit was just a supernatural thing."

Natural or supernatural, both Crissy D and Ryan Mark are happy and are looking forward to their wedding date, set for Valentine's Day, February 14, 2007.

"Well I'm happy, from mi give mi life to the Lord he has been ordering my steps and that is something to be happy aboutÉsuh mek mi jus grab mi husband an run. Mi excited, sometimes mi all a look fi something wrong, cause it jus a move so smoothÉRyan come ask mi fi married to him without even a hug nor a kissÉhim nuh know wah him a guh get and I said, that is God at work," Crissy D says.

December 8, 2006

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