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STILL A GAY HIDEOUT - Recent murder among string of strange activities at Peter King's premises

The police say this weekend's discovery of a nude partially decomposed body of a man at Peter King's premises is just another incident in a host of strange activities that have been taking place there since the ambassador's death.

With the discovery of the body at the premises and phone calls to the police from neighbours hearing "cries for help," from the compound, it seems that rumours of the premises being used for violent, homosexual activities, are in fact a reality.

"Just (last) Wednesday, I was near the house along Waterloo Road and I heard (Police) Control report a distress call from neighbours hearing cries for help at the house...I was there in less than a minute, and I saw a service vehicle there already, in the hours," said an officer.

"I asked the police what he was doing there, and he said he knew a man named Wayne, the same man dem fin' on Sunday, naked, and stab up...he said that everything was fine at the house, so I left," said the officer who became aware of the news of a decomposed body being found in a smaller house on the premises on Sunday.


According to police reports, they responded to a call from the compound, at about 1:30 a.m. on Sunday. The police were led to a closed room, where a foul odour emanated . The body of Wayne Pinnock, a 41-year-old higgler, was found in a partially decomposed state in the room. His body was observed to be lying on the back, in the nude. An on-the-spot post mortem revealed that he died as a result of several stab wounds to the left region of his chest.

"The room appeared to be disturbed, as if a serious struggle had ensued. There was blood all over the room...the on-the-spot post mortem revealed that the body was lying there for 3 - 4 days," said an investigating officer who also wished to conceal his identity.

After the March 20, discovery of the nude, mutilated body of the former ambassador at the estate located at 35 Waterloo Road, Kingston 10, police had seized control of the massive home. After a month however, a senior investigator informed The STAR that the custody of the home had been returned to the family. However, efforts to contact family members living at the home proved futile, as The STAR team was always informed by a young male caretaker that they were not available.


In an effort to learn more of the activities at the home, The STAR investigative team had conducted a daytime 'stake-out' at the residence earlier this year. During a two hour period, several vehicles were observed entering and exiting the home.

A taxi soon arrived with a young male with 'bleached' face and blonde wig. The taxi left the young male at the home and within minutes, another young male walked up the dead-end street toward the home, but after making a phone call, decided to sit at the entrance of the home.

Within a 20 minute period (after about four vehicles passed him into the home, all engaging him in conversation), a young boy, estimated to be about 13 years of age, walked out with a pail in hand, and ushered the waiting young man onto the premises.

About 10 minutes later, a delivery bike went into the home, with a large bag that appeared to be food, implying that many persons were at the residence at the time.

Police say they are also suspicious of activities at the house, and the number of males living at the premises.

"It was one of the males that lived in a room beside the room that the deceased lived in, that smelled a foul odour, and alerted the police... a lot of men live there," said another officer who also did not want to reveal his identity.

"A lot of big man calling bout this murder, an dem a try fi hol' it down, suh mi afi watch out fi mi work," added the officer.

December 12, 2006

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