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Foota, Mavado wanted... Cops say both involved in shooting at producer's house

By: Fabian Ledgister and Teino Evans
Staff Reporters

Police have confirmed that both Mavado, and selector Foota Hype are wanted in relation to a shooting yesterday at the home of Exodus studio owner, Ernest Braithwaite, otherwise called Father Romeo.

The incident occurred about 5:55 p.m. yesterday, and is being blamed on the ongoing feud between dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel, real name Adijah Palmer, and Mavado. Father Romeo says that Kartel's decision to begin birthday celebrations on Sunday at a private studio beside the home, almost resulted in the death of his wife.

fired from car

According to police, the incident occurred when a white Toyota Corolla registered 7771 EP, was seen driving past the gates of the private studio, situated along Kirk Avenue in Havendale. It is alleged that when Mrs. Braithwaite (wife of Father Romeo) arrived at the home, the vehicle reappeared and the occupants fired several shots, before speeding off.

Cops say an eyewitness positively identified Mavado, real name David Brooks, as the actual 'trigger man' in the incident. The eyewitness told the STAR, "Mi see a man very much resembling Mavado, 'cause him wind down di window when him a buss shot. Dem all try shoot me, but mi dive."

Although no one was hurt in the incident, Jennifer Braithwaite says she was almost killed, as one of the bullets hit the back glass of her vehicle as she drove in.

"It's not as if I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, I was pulling into my home! I saw a white car on the road, when Jerry (handy-man) pulled the gate for me to drive in, the next thing I know is I hear shots. It happened so fast I didn't even duck," said Mrs. Braithwaite.

In addition, it is also alleged that the motorcar that was identified is owned by fellow Cassava Piece resident, Foota Hype. But Foota Hype says he is being set up by persons who believe that he is too close with Bounty Killer and the Alliance family.

He told the STAR, "Dem a seh me shot up Exodus house, when me nuh know nutt'n bout dat. Mi nuh know if Exodus house get shot up, mi jus hear people a seh it get shot up an dem a seh a me do it," Foota explained.

But police say that they will still be seeking both persons. They confirmed that Foota Hype had reported a death threat from Father Romeo's son, Gary Exodus.

"He came and reported a threat related to the incident, and the other party was warned to desist, but that was before we received information about the vehicle registration, and eyewitness statements. We are now seeking both Mavado and Foota Hype, who can assist us with investigations," said an officer from the Constant Spring CIB.

When contacted, Vybz Kartel, who is said to be in a feud with Mavado, said he believes his rival is innocent. "I don't think he (Mavado) did that. I think it was a fanatic's work," Kartel told The STAR.

He continued, "We as artistes need to stop inciting physical violence because we are public figures and admirers of the people. We need a peaceful music industry, that way joy crosses over into the minds and hearts of the fans. Singer (Mavado), a much love. I'm gonna kill yuh wit lyrics, big up Beenie man, an big up Bounty. Jamaica needs love a di motto fi 2007."

Mavado was unable to comment on the matter, as he was in studio.

January 10, 2007

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