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Enough is enough - Promoters say they will not yield to Beenie Man

Beenie Man plays it tough during Macka Diamond's Birthnite Bash, held at Fayors Entertainment Centre, Mandeville. - Nathaniel Stewart

by Teino Evans, Staff Reporter

The tables have turned on Beenie Man. His efforts to get other artistes dropped from shows has him being dropped instead. Promoters say they are now standing their ground.

In an earlier interview with The STAR, published on January 26, promoter for Magnum Follow Di Arrow, Dexton Ennis, said he would not bow to Beenie's demands of dropping Spice from his show.

Now, in a recent television interview, Beenie Man has declared that neither he nor his wife (D'Angel) would be performing at 'Magnum Follow Di Arrow'.

Ennis says he decided to challenge Beenie Man's professionalism and principle, stand for what was right and keep Spice for the show.

"On a recently aired television programme, Beenie Man declared that the promoter is not showing him any love. His wife is doing a very good job of that. Is taking off Spice off the show, showing love?" Ennis questioned.

Ennis said he had nothing personal against Beenie Man but, "It is all about business, principle and professionalism."

He continued, "The theme for this year's show is 'Magnum Follow Di Arrow, Unite Di Music'. If I were to adhere to Beenie Man's request, I would have to change the theme for this year's show to 'Magnum Follow Beenie Man - Divide the Music'."

"It is time that Beenie Man starts respecting his profession. In the working world you have to work with people you don't like and people who disrespect you, but you have to remain professional," Ennis said.

Ennis says Beenie has since returned his deposit, nine days before the staging of 'Magnum Follow di Arrow'. Ennis has therefore declared that Beenie Man and D'Angel are no longer a part of the line-up.

He is confident, however, that although Beenie Man's fans will be disappointed, "the show will go on successfully, with the still spectacular line up of artistes that includes Buju Banton, Sizzla, Capleton, Ninja Man, Twin of Twins, George Nooks, General B and Round Head, Mr. Vegas, Kiprich, Captain Barkey and Wickerman, Terror Fabulous, Leroy Smart, Turbulence, Anthony B, Elephant Man, Little Hero, Fantan Moja, Nitty Kutchie, Professor Nuts Spice, Macka Diamond and Queen Paula."

Ennis also added that "Follow Di Arrow is Dexton Ennis' show, not Moses Davis' show."

Ennis is adamant that other promoters should take the same stance and stop short changing the fans.

And some promoters have been doing just that, as Beenie was officially dropped from the Spring Break show, scheduled to take place on March 10 in Negril.

"My posters were printed already but the commercials were not yet done, so I go ahead and paint out all Beenie Man's face from off my posters because him (Beenie) an Sizzla were headliners so their pictures were at the top ... I'm not running no risk with him," Derrick 'Chin' Reynolds, one of the promoters for spring break told The STAR.

Reynolds says, "Beenie Man begged to come on the show, suh we guh ahead an put him on it an him seh tru Spice an Don Mafia on di show him not going to do it. Him decide seh him going to be at the show but he's not going to perform."

February 22, 2007

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