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Women get x-rated for video light

File -A man videotapes the action at Passa Passa. DVDs showing the weekly happenings at the event are sold frequently locally and internationally.

by Teino Evans, Staff Reporter

It is all in a bid to claim the video light. Some female dancers who attend street sessions like Passa Passa, Dutty Fridaze and other weekly dances, have been known to go the extra mile to push their competition out of the spotlight and have videographers and cameramen focus their lens on them.

"Dem cyan guh nuh more outrageous dan no panty. Dem waan di attention when dem come inna di dancehall cause a compete dem a compete wid di odda girls and so dem wi guh di extreme fi outdo di other girls, suh if one girl a do something, di next one a guh waan guh harder," Scrappy from Reggae explained.

Scrappy says he has been filming these types of events for quite some time, so much that he can group female dancers and easily identify those willing to get x-rated.

"Mi a do dis ting a good likkle while now, bout 10 years now. Yuh have different kind a girls, some weh come fi 'skin out', some weh gwaan like a nuh dat dem waan do, but as a video man, my audience love fi si dat, suh di girl dem weh want di camera fi guh unda dem, yuh know dem," Scrappy said.

Adding, "A me did responsible fi 'Passa Passa' but mi nuh shoot it nuh more, mi shoot a 'Dutty Fridaze', 'Exact Mondays' in Montego Bay an mi use to shoot 'Hot Mondays' plus 'Weddy Weddy Wednesdays' an mi jus start feature Bembe Thursdays."

sexual positions

Videos of Exact Mondays and Dutty Fridaze viewed by The Star on showed females who, when caught in the heat of the moment, climbed on roof tops, stripped down to their underwear and others without underwear, were clad in short skirts, wining on their head tops and assuming other sexually suggestive positions on the ground.

For some of the female dancers attending these weekly dances, they feel women should conduct themselves with some amount of decorum.

International Dancehall Queen (2004) Latesha says, "dem fi have likkle more pride inna dem pp. Some a dem all a come a dance deliberately an a skin out, cause dem wi do anything fi get attention inna di video light."

However, not all females were in agreement with Latesha, as one dancer who wished to remain anonymous said she had no problem in doing whatever it took to keep the video light on herself.

"We do a lot of outrageous stuff like guh dance without underwear. Mi neva feel nuh way, mi jus high an mi a dance an enjoy mi self. It was just a habit, I just never like wearing underwear, cause yuh have some girls that don't feel comfortable wearing underwear," she said.

However, she admits that, "sometimes when mi watch a video an me appear wid no panty mi feel a likkle way dat time deh. An sometimes when mi guh out man wi seh mi si yuh pon video an yuh ppfat!"

While it is not uncommon for females attending dances across the island to behave outrageously, Scrappy says, "right now, 'Exact Mondays' (held in Montego Bay) have di most outrageous girls, cause right now di Mobay girls dem a do just about anything. Wah happen wid di town girl dem, a seh man a mine dem an di video dem show pon cable. An yuh have some a dem have man a foreign to an di DVD dem guh a foreign, suh dem nuh waan dem man si an stop mine dem."

March 24, 2007

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