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Montego Bay three charged for cocaine

By Tashieka Mair, Star Writer


Three of four persons charged with heroin and cocaine possession, were granted bail in the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate's Court on Wednesday.

Norrette Moore, 23, Tashana Oliver, 21 and Orthneal Rose, 32, charged jointly with 44-year-old Donovan Wilson, all of Flankers, St. James, were offered $30,000 bail.

The four were arrested on March 26 after police recovered the contraband at Wilson's home, where all four reside.

They were jointly charged with possession and dealing in cocaine and possession of heroin.

Full responsibility

However the cocaine charge was withdrawn against Oliver, Rose and Moore after Wilson pleaded guilty and claimed full responsibility for the substance.

They however have all pleaded not guilty to the heroin charge.

Wilson is facing additional charges for possession of a counterfeit US$100 note and offensive weapon, to which he pleaded guilty. He is also denying that he attempted to bribe a policeman involved in the incident.

Rose pleaded guilty to possession of ganja after he was found in possession of a cigar.

All four return to court on April 11 on the heroin charge. Wilson will remain in custody until that court hearing, by which time the court expects to receive copies of his police record.

Allegations are that on March 26, the police visited Wilson's home with a search warrant under the Dangerous Drug Act.

Phone call

Oliver was at the house and they explained to her that they had a warrant to search the house. She subsequently made a phone call to Wilson, as he had the keys to enter the house.

He subsequently arrived at which time he was searched at the gate and a ratchet knife confiscated from him.

Further allegations are that when the police searched Wilson's room they found a counterfeit US$100 in a drawer. A search was also carried out in a room that Rose and Oliver occupied in which 14 parcels of cocaine, weighing two ounces, were found in a shirt pocket inside a closet.

A parcel of heroin, less than an ounce in weight, was found as well. Rose was also searched and a ganja spliff was found on his person.

The court also heard that Wilson took a police corporal aside and offered him US$579 and J$16, 850 to overlook the contraband found. He allegedly told the cop that the cocaine was his and told him that the others had no knowledge about it.

March 30, 2007

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