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SCHOOL SEX SCANDAL - Girl taped performing oral sex in classroom

A 15-year-old girl is now at the centre of a high-school sex scandal now rocking the parish of Manchester.

Two videos of the child performing oral sex are allegedly being circulated throughout the parish via cellphone.

Although the video was initially distributed via Bluetooth from the cellular phone of a friend who witnessed and taped the incident, it gained notoriety when a malicious individual posted the footage on the popular website. The video was ostentatiously named, "Manchester Sucker 3!" It has since been removed.

Sergeant Rovan Salmon, Constabulary Communications Network officer for Manchester, told THE WEEKEND STAR that the police were aware of the incident, but did not say whether it was being investigated. He only said the principal of the school had dealt with the matter as he had suspended some students. He also said the video was only being circulated on the school compound. However the news team investigations found otherwise.

THE WEEKEND STAR team obtained a copy of the video (part one and two), which clearly showed a young girl in a school uniform performing oral sex on a young male, who wore the standard khaki uniform.

The video clearly displayed the background to be that of a classroom. However, only the young girl performing the sexual act, who is reportedly from the third-form grade level, was able to be identified from the video. The faces of the young male, who the act was being performed on or the female who taped the incident, were not seen.

Investigations indicate that the act occurred because of a bet that was made between the young girl and some friends.


However, from the audio in the video, THE WEEKEND STAR team has deciphered that the young girl was tricked into allowing the incident to be taped. During the first segment of the video, the friend was heard saying, "A text message me a get." As she held up her phone to tape the incident.

The young victim of the child pornography was heard repeatedly asking her friend, "a who a sen u so much text message?" as she continued her lewd activity.

The second part of the footage also indicated that the young girl was coerced into performing the sexual act, for money. "Imagine me seh mi want di two gran' an di buaat buay nuh gi mi," were the shocking words from the third-form student to her friend who was taping the incident.

Many persons have been speculating as to the student's reason for doing the act, but all agree that there were clearly some deep emotional issues affecting her. A student of the institution spoke on condition of anonymity, when he was asked to give an opinion on the tape.

"That girl is insecure. People are always telling her she's ugly, so I guess she thinks that is how she will get guys ... She has told others she does it (oral sex), but she shouldn't have done it in her uniform, much less mek it get tape. She bring shame to di school," the student said.

Attempts by THE WEEKEND STAR to get a comment from the principal of the school were unsuccessful as we were told he was out of office. However, Sharon Wolfe, director of communications at the Ministry of Education, said the regional office was awaiting a signed report from the school board chairman. From there, he said, both the school board and the regional office would work together to determine what further action to take.

In the meantime, she said, disciplinary action had been taken against those persons who were involved in the incident. Wolfe, however, did not state what exactly was the action.

April 13, 2007

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