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By Dwayne Mcleod, Staff Reporter

Today has been proclaimed 'Gay Eradication Day' by residents of the McGregor Gully community in East Kingston. Residents say that they will be taking action as a two-week notice given to all gays and lesbians to flee the community has now expired.

THE STAR learnt that about two weeks ago angry residents who declared that they were fed up with seeing the activities of several gay persons in their community, ordered that they leave by today or suffer the consequences.

Some residents who admitted to THE STAR that they are a part of the "gay clearing out" scheme said that it is being done to protect their families and the community on a whole.

"Yu nuh si seh dem waa mash up di place an gi wi bad name, me haffi protect my yute dem from dem type a influence deh," one resident said while pointing out that they will not sit back and watch while their community falls into disrepute.

When THE STAR visited the area, a small group of residents pointed out an old community centre which is said to be the main 'hang out' spot for the lesbians. According to the residents the lesbians gather there almost nightly and can be seen hugging, kissing and even "touching".

The residents say they are mostly worried about the lesbian group as they are most prevalent and influential. The number of persons in this group is said to be steadily increasing.

In terms of the suspected gay men, the residents claim they are not as bold as the lesbians and are fewer but they too are expected to comply with the two-week notice.

Good source

"Some yute deh bout di place whe wi hear seh gone di nex way. Wi neva actually ketch dem, but wi hear from good source who si dem out a road a par wid man weh known as 'fish'. Dem nuh nuff still eno, but dem affi lef to, wi nuh want none a dem in ya," another female resident added.

Another resident who was not afraid to point fingers at a specific group of youngsters said that the alleged gays are all friends and are well-known in the community. "Yu si dem bway deh weh a walk up an dung inna dem tight pants an ah bleach out dem face, a dem enuh, nuff a dem a f .... t an a talk bout dem a danca," he told THE STAR.

Since the notice was handed down, at least one person has already fled the community. "... a nuh joke ting eno, one a dem cut out since week, him not even wait pon di last day, him jus cut, nobady not even kno weh him gone," THE STAR was told by a resident.

The residents say they will not stop until their community is "gay free" and are not afraid of resorting to extreme measures.

"Mi nuh know how dem come an a gwaan like seh dem tink a farin dem deh, dem tink seh dem can come inna gangsta town wid dem wrong up behaviour an nuttin nuh happen? Dem haffi leave, anyting a anyting," one obviously angry male said.

Efforts by THE STAR to speak to at least two of the persons alleged to be lesbians were unsuccessful.

April 26, 2007

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