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She-na-bada...Actor's Wedding A Fraud
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She-na-bada...Actor's Wedding A Fraud

Keith 'Shebada' Ramsey

Jonique Gaynor, Staff Reporter

Much like the character he plays in the hilarious roots play, Bashment Granny, Keith 'Shebada' Ramsey, has found himself in the middle of a big 'mix -up'.

In a classic case of life imitating art, Shebada is now involved in a dramatic, 'he said/she said' saga filled with accusations of lies, secrets and manipulation.

One week after he announced that he was getting married, the woman identified as his fiancée, Keisha Shaw, is denying that there is an engagement and said the two are not even a couple. She claimed Ramsey used her name to dispell rumours that he was gay. He, however, maintained that they shared a relationship and are in love.

Shaw told THE STAR that Ramsey practically begged her to tell journalists that they were getting engaged. "They had the play in some bad area and apparently some people planned to shoot it up, so he called me sounding like he was about to cry an seh 'mi a beg you do sumting fi mi. A guy gon call you from the Gleaner and you must tell im dat we gettin married'. So I said, are you crazy, are you out of your mind and he was saying, 'please, please'." She said she told Ramsey that she would not lie.

She continued, "So, I'm in my bed sleeping and I got a text from a friend saying 'Mrs. Ramsey, how u never invite mi to the wedding'. So I called my friend and heard dat it was big, big in di paper and I burst out in tears." She said she called Ramsey and "ask him how he could do dat. I said dats so wicked of you. He told me dat I can't do anything about it and no one would believe me."

Though initial reports said Shaw was 19, THE STAR has learnt that she is only 17 years old. The two met shortly after Shaw came to Jamaica from overseas. Her sister told THE STAR that they met about two months ago at one of the plays and exchanged numbers. A friendship developed, but according to the sister, this fizzled when Shaw learnt of the rumours. "They didn't go out at all. She only went to about two of the plays and to be truthful, her interest lies somewhere else right now."

Shaw says the report has affected her life in many ways. "I come to work everyday and I hear it. My frens keep calling me an saying it big, big on the radio. I told him not to do it, but just because im want to cover up himself, he's using my name. We were just friends. I just want my name to be cleared. We're not together and that's it."

But although Shaw is adamant that she and Ramsey were never together, he insists they are together but are only going through a rough patch now. "We met about 6 - 7 months ago, but we're going through some problems. We're not on speaking terms now. She is intensely jealous and she claims that I am very wild, but we are man and woman .. wi deh up."

Ramsey is also denying claims that he only used Shaw's name to escape the gay rumours. "I have no need to use anybody's name or to seek publicity and I don't have any tracks to cover up. I'm not a fugitive, I don't have to hide. I don't have to use Keisha's name, I have nothing hiding. If a man a seh mi gay, is promotion and if dem a seh mi nuh gay, is promotion."

He said Shaw was a willing partner in their relationship and revealed that they only began having problems when her family found out that they were together. He also said Shaw told him that she was 19. "She didn't have any reason to lie about her age, cause I never hold a gun to her head."

He said he surprised her with the engagement by simply calling her and telling her that he had told reporters that she was going to be his wife. "We spoke about it before and she was okay. But when it came out she seh people at her work a seh 'x' and she get rickety, so mi a seh if a people a work and wi deh."

Ramsey, who did not wish to disclose his age, told THE STAR that he is still interested in marrying Shaw and said, "We have no concrete plans. If she is up to it, it's fine. If she's not, it's fine. It's just fine. I'm not in the mood to be stressed. I'm not a child. You talk to me and tell me one thing and then you change your mouth. Keisha is just a child."

May 25, 2007

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