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Osmosis: best of the best?

Nathaniel Stewart-The partygoers enjoy the vibe at Osmosis.

Krista Henry, Staff Reporter

How would you like your every need satisfied at a party? That's exactly what the promoters of the super-inclusive party Osmosis is all about.

The promoters of the event have embarked on a mission to give their patrons 'the best of the best of super-inclusive vibes' on Saturday July 7th in Port Royal. To do so, they have implemented an online voting system on, to cater to the needs of their prospective patrons.

One can vote on who they want to deejay, what they prefer to eat, what price they should pay to enter and what age group they would prefer to see at the event.

"Osmosis is a simple party, we concentrate on three main ideas that I think makes a good party. One there has to be a vibe, two - to make it super-inclusive and three, the people who are there contribute. That makes a good mixture or formula for a good party," Phillip Palmer, a director of Mad Circle Entertainment told the STAR recently.

In the voting system, the deejay options are Bambino, Collin Hines, Jazzy T, Kalico Int'l, Kurt Riley, Liquid and Richie D. So far, Coppershot is in the far lead with the majority of votes.

There is also the patron's preferred culinary dish with options from various restaurants with Cuddyz Shrimp and Chicken Pasta leading. Which new restaurant would you like to see at Osmosis? There's a close running with Gauchos and East Japan tying for the lead.

For pricing, the majority of persons overwhelming chose the cheaper option of $2,500 for women and $3,000 for men.

According to Palmer, no matter what the results are the promoters will stay true to the polls.

"We will stay true to the poll as much as possible. We want to reach out to the patrons, supplying them with the best. In terms of music who can bring the best vibe, so far Coppershot is leading and are definitely booked - so is Jazzy T and ZJ Liquid, the top four selectors in the running will play. We just want to have a nice mix. So far the response has been good, we have had the poll up a little over a week and the response is great", Palmer said. So far 574 voters have taken the poll.

This year's Osmosis will be a little bit different in terms of the venue - which according to Palmer will be at Fort Charles in Port Royal to accommodate more patrons. There will also be three more restaurants this year, making it 10 different restaurants providing food for the patrons. He elaborates, "we strive to offer a new experience, we want people to feel like if they miss Osmosis, they will miss the best party ever." Meanwhile, you can make sure to cast your party vote and get your party your way.

June 23, 2007

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