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Late start to 'Sevens Clash'

Big Stone (right) made his VIP entrance with his best friend 'Dirty Diana' (centre) and recording artiste Racquel Sellars clutched to his arms at Sevens Clash Earthday Bash, Big Stones 50th birthday party at Weekenz on Saturday, July 7. - Peta-Gaye Clachar photos

by Mel Cooke, Freelance Writer

With Bob Marley's Waiting in Vainand Gregory Isaacs'sSoon Forwardcoming over the sound system at close to 1:00 a.m. yesterday and many of those who eventually turned up at Weekenz, Constant Spring Road, for 'Sevens Clash' yet to 'forward', the action was long in coming.

It was not a matter of waiting in vain, though, as at close to 2:00 a.m. Claude 'Big Stone' Sinclair, who was celebrating his 50th birthday arrived in expansive style, pipe in mouth, walking stick in his right hand and cream suit over his stocky figure set off by four lasses in tight red bottoms with bustier tops, along with red and black hats. Cans of Rodeo energy drink were on their hips, gunslinger style.

The performances began with Paul Elliott, who was among those who begged police officers for the party to continue close to 3:00 a.m., the singer cracking the house with the plea for "the real ting".

Stacius, in Rodeo girl outfit , declared herself No Ordinary Girl and requested a "top-class jockey", the other Rodeo ladies coming out to show what the filly would do under the whip. Prophecy intoned "too little love in this world mankind", also delivering on hip-hop and Niyahbinghi rhythms.

Deejay Mr. Myers took the house down, stringing together the names of popular entertainers to make witty lyrics. When he deejayed "Bounty call D'Angel an' get Busy Signal, start drink Alozade an' smoke Matterhorn" a restart was required. Another break-up saga also delighted the audience, Myers deejaying about Turbulence and Sasha that "every time him call har phone him get Voicemail". A song against rape ("hey likkle raper bway me waan hol' yu") also ignited the audience and he closed off with a few friends counting off on fingers and toes as he strung together women's names.

Racquel Sellers, the bottom of her white dress flaring and wine glass in hand, sang of women making a stand with "you bully me once before, I won't make you bully me twice no more" and laid Dreaming of You on the Taxi rhythm before singing happy birthday to Big Stone, holding a long, high 'you' to end.

Cutty Ranks was large and in charge, immediately going into extended, tightly delivered lyrics that had the audience, which by now had grown significantly, but still could not be called large, cheering. Cutty Ranks deejayed of a sexy woman that he "lick it inna gear like a nuclear".

Pinchers stepped up to cheers and made Weekenz "lif it up again" and the ladies "siddung pon it" before again moving the house with Bandelero, preceding the restart with rapid-fire Spanish. He went into poetry about a shotta who pleaded "I must be stopped, cause the people keep dying in my bloody trap" before creating a Desperate Scenario. He left but was demanded back, Pinchers again moving the audience with a song which mused "some likkle fool a sen treat an no know me".

Nitty Kutchie moved Weekenz with "dem no know who dem come dis" before introducing Skettelina, which was the start of a run of performers with Kutchie in hosting role, dropping lyrics in between. DJ Denara eventually demanded that the stage be cleared, Cutty Ranks returned and soon 'Sevens Clash' was back in party mode with Mavado selections tearing up the house.

THE STAR was headed up Constant Spring Road when the music stopped abruptly at 4:30 a.m., indicating that the police had put a stop to the party.

Left: Paul Elliot sang of 'the real thing Right: "The Candy Girls"at Sevens Clash Earthday Bash, Big Stones 50th Birthday party at Weekenz on Saturday, July 7.

Left: Heike (centre) the manager of Gana Gana poses with a few friends. Right: Big Stone limes a little with a few of his guests Pinchers and Heike (centre). - Peta-Gaye Clachar

July 10, 2007

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