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Portmore Suss

From left: Lutan Fyah, Bounty Killer,Vybz Kartel and Ninja Man (file photos)

Portmore, Sharlene naw change ar course, mi one a di hottest SUSS inna di island, none ah dem no wicked like me, mi know say the way mi tight-o, right-o good, more time it all hurt me. Miss Cherry a si sey yuh de pon di African tour, big up yuhself cuz yuh large. SUSS Time!


Yuh nuh si how di Alliance ah run the show dem right now? Killer ah still the big man. Big up Mavado who launch him album this week. Flex represent, Wayne Marshall over deh, but no Ninja Man, Aidonia or Kartel, wah happen? Bling Dawg a wah, yuh never invite them?


The whole ah Spanish Town and Portmore ah talk say dem proud how Lutan ah hold the order as a rasta. Real Lyfe ah govern the ting and it look nice, big hit song pon chart wid Save the Juvenile, European tour sold off, Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest next week and crazy prosperity. But the people dem a ask when Lutan ah guh build a song weh ah talk about the rasta dem who naah buss no yute. When yuh plan fi buss that?


Why Bounty and Ninja caan agree and dem a father and son? The man dem need fi live better than how dem a live, and this argument 'bout bruk fight ah Trinidad no sound right at all, it shoulden reach so far at all.


A wah dis mi a hear? Which artiste buy hot van and lose it wah day ya to the feds? No worry my yute, ah just vanity. And nex time check di papers dem OK.


Yow, the whole ah Portmore ah talk about Area Code, ah the real sound, MC Nuffy gave them the sound of the year trophy over Sunday Prendy's on the Beach at Hellshire last week. The brown yute Gelding get the selector fi the year, dem ting sell off, big up Taj and Tee, oonu ah the real man; but why Nuffy coulden bring some prize money fi put inna oonu pocket along wid the trophy? Mi no know.


Ah true say Angel no look happy from wah day ya through Beenie Man vex with her? But a wonda fi wat? Ah so the marriage ting work, sometimes it nice, sometimes it rocky, just love Marco Dean and everyting wi alright. And mek him eat a food wen nex producer want to voice him. Yuh hear mi. Yuh mus get a piece wen it buss' big. Memba a yuh a di wife.


See it de, mi tell yuh say is a reggae royalty ting. Pincher's big son Kemar have a new hit song, Unfaithful Love that ah get crazy rotation pon local radio, Ron Muschette no stop beat it out, and ah just crazy tings ah gwaan because him have a five week tour plan wid Gyptian and Etana inna the U.S.A. this fall, and now mi hear say him ah spar wid Shabba Ranks ah foreign, ah de so him ting de. Big up Kemar, wah yu plan fi do now, a combination with Shabba Ranks now? That woulda mad!


How T.O.K tour sell off so? Mad sittin, crazy ladies cuz dem nuh want No Man roun ere. A crazy forward fi dah song deh. But stick a pin, Monster Twins fi buss now and everyting good. Well dem haffi shot out fi di summer.


I-Maroon, no feel no way, yuh soon get yuh bad man entourage because yuh song, Mi Salt buss weh like a bageykite. Yu a get crazy rotation pon CVM and RE TV, and yu song ah move up Richie B chart like a bullet. Mi hear say some man tief yu phone wah day yah when it drop outta yu pocket, but no mind, as soon as the show come in, yu can buy 20 of them, and yuh entourage ah mek sure say nobody caan violate.


What a way One Third a gwaan good. Video shoot fi dem new song Candlelight wah day ya and it ah release this week. Mi love how dem a mash up the show dem, and will perform at the TVJ Miss Jamaica Festival Queen grand coronation at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre. Mek all some wannabe a imitate unno ting from Rising Star. But only three persons form a dat deh perfect fraction.


Nuff ah dem a clean clothes wid dutty conscience, Portmore. Look how the entertainers dem a bun out English like how him de a hell right now fi an alleged crime against a minor. We nuh too love the allegation, but can we wait fi hear the evidence before we pass judgement and bring down the man, wha yuh tink Portmore? Mi right or a just straight prison?


Portmore, Kartel unleashed di empire a France, dem a di real big man now, dem too France yaw man. Dem demolish a little stage show inna one nightclub over de last Sunday, mad ting. With him son Aidonia wit di Empire, Black Ryno and Sean Storm. People a tell unno sey a Empire fi di summer cuz si it deh, dem all a export.


The whole ah Portmore nuh stop talk about how Stacious look hot and the reporters dem flock her after her performance at Big Stone's 'Sevens Clash' at Weekenz last week. She mash up the show but everybody ah talk about her outfit, red booty, red cowboy hat, and a Christina Aguilera-type short ting with the whole of the assets dem expose. Stacious, how you one so hot?


❒ How Spice nose just spread way so like one umbrella? No sah, pregnancy no fit everybody!

❒ Which so-called hot gal from Christian Pen check the obeah woman inna the lane fi mek her matey haffi walk back way for nine days and bark like a dog?

❒ Which gal a feed pon cheese trix outta the Tek Set crew who dance a Dutty Fridaze? Nicey waan see oonu!

❒ How Elise Kelly love play Millennium's Ole Boot song so? She come in like she just fall in love with it.

❒ How Jigsy buss so much tune? Wah day ya ah Dutty Fridaze, him play T.O.K No Man and the new Baby Cham. Him ah feature over Congress Fridays every Friday at Portmore. Jiggy, Portmore people love yuh.

❒ What a gwaan between RDX and Sick 'N Head? Also is RDX and Mu-rce frens again? Memba sey unno ave two a di hottest dancehall song fi di summer, suh jus eat di food cuz it nuff fi everybody.

❒ Which girl ah stalk Benzly Hype since him song dem start play pon CHOICE FM? Is a CIA ting?

❒ What happen to the man who slap KD Knight inna him neck back?


Bonez, G-6 and Feda and di massive a know uno love mi ting. Big up Danny Brasco him tune good, a wonda why wen yuh sing positive ting people nuh recognise? My youth jus hold di faith, di buss' soon come. Big up Nicky Vassel from Barry Road, yuh still ave it up, di good-o, right-o. Big up KC from Great Pond, a si yuh a dun di place from yun touch back from foreign. A now di man dem a flock yuh. Miss Cherry send mi some piccha of yuh African tour, and tell mi wey else yuh goin afta.


July 14, 2007

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