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Ninja sings a different tune - Deejay walks with Uncle Sam after 15 years

Krista Henry and Andre Jebbinson, Staff Reporters

Ninja Man performs at Reggae Carifest 2007. - Contributed

After a 15 year U.S. performing drought for the "Don Gorgon" Ninja Man, Uncle Sam has opened the door for him. He was received with opened arms and that has him singing a different song. He now wants to be an ambassador of change in the music.

He said, "know seh all the war in the business have come to an end. If yuh see Ninja Man now yuh see him in all white. That is all I wear for I want to be a beacon, a light for the world to see."

"Mi a set a different example so di yout dem can see outa a evil come good. Memba seh dem seh mi a di baddest man in the country. My aim is to work wid di government for a better country. I want to set an example not for myself but for the yout who are the future," Ninja told The STAR.

Mouth full of lyrics

Ninja Man made his debut armed with a full mouth of new lyrics at the Reggae Carifest show on August 25 at Randall's Island in New York. Reggae Carifest has been New York's favoured summer event for the past decade.

Under the banner 'Give Peace a Chance,' Desmond Ballentine performed with other dancehall greats such as Bounty Killer and Buju Banton. New York was on its toes to see the great deejay as Ninja Man told the STAR, "I really got a warm welcome. A whole lot of people came out to see Ninja Man, I got a plaque from the government for my years in the business and it put me back into the book of music records."

As to why Ninja Man has not been on stage in the US for 15 years, he claimed to have had problems with the government and the police that have since been sorted out.

"It is a realisation. You get up every day from you born bad, you have to realise seh you not living right. Mi nuh want si another yout dead. Mi nuh want si another yout guh GP," Ninja Man said.

Trouble finds 'Bro Desmond'

But even though he is trying to stay clear of trouble, trouble seems to be finding him. He said when there were reports that guns were being fired in his community, the police automatically found themselves at his home. Ninja said he had nothing to do with the incident, which took place in July and that the police shot his dog for no reason. He said he was told to meet the cops back at the station, where he was charged for possession of marijuana. He is planning to take action after he has been cleared of the charges. He questioned the police's conduct.

"If dem know what my reputation is, dem wouldn't come wid a five-man patrol. If dem tink seh you bad, they are suppose to escort you to di station. Mi drive mi own vehicle and all haffi stop a road wait pan dem. I want to know when me get suh trustworthy," Ninja said.

While he is still to answer to the charge against him, Ninja Man is free to travel back and forth. Part of that freedom will see him go head-to-head with legendary selector David Rodigan. Ninja Man has never selected but said he will take Rodigan down when they meet in New York in November.

"Mi never select yet, but mi not going to lose. If mi nuh win, it must be 50/50. Mi naah lose. I am an ambassador for Jamaica and I am not going to let dem down. R.Kelly seh him believe im can fly; I believe I can win," the Ninja said.

September 26, 2007

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