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Champagne bubbles ... in Miss Black Nude contest

By Mark Titus, Freelance Writer

Champagne, Ms. Black Nude 2007 winner, licks a lollypop during one of her appearances on stage. - Mark Titus Photos

western bureau

Exotic dancer, 'Champagne' took all but two of the six sectional prizes on offer at Hedonism II in Negril, to win the 2007 Miss Black Nude Pageant at the resort on Saturday night.

Oozing with confidence, the native of Maryland in the United States, was a clear favourite from the beginning. She took command of the stage, teasing and tantalising the mostly male audience who hooted, whistled and banged furniture in approval.

From lingerie, to evening wear and talent pieces, the contestants did their best to impress the judges.


Champagne won the Totally Nude, Best Evening wear, Best Congeniality and Swimmer categories. Old campaigner 'Twinkles' snatched the talent section, while new kid on the block; 'Xahier' was voted the best in lingerie.

"I am totally ecstatic. I really can't believe I won," Champagne told The STAR. "I just wanted to come bigger and harder than I did last year, so I tried to do a little extra to let me stand out and it worked."

She added: "Competing against nine beautiful girls, you will have to up your game, but the important thing is that the patrons that come out to see us are entertained."

Chief Judge 'Hollywood' said that the winner embodied all that the panel was looking for, "the highest mark on their score is their talent".

"She must be very comfortable being naked, because she will have to make a lot of appearances for us, so confidence is a must," he explained.

The event, which is in its 13th staging, has been a signature event on the Hedonism II calendar for the past 11 years. This year's show saw a new cadre of exotic dancers such as 'Shivers', 'China', 'Crystal', 'Siren' and Champagne faced off with past entrants Crystal and Siren.

Miss Black Nude will represent the Washington DC-based exotic club, Club 55, on Cinemax and HBO's Real Sex.

( L - R ) China, Siren

October 2, 2007

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