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It's not just dancing

Taz of Timeless Dancers,Overmars from Ravers Clavers and Ding Dong takes time out during a game of Pool to strike a pose for the camera.

Tanola Jackson, Star Writer

'Mr. Wacky' is gone, but not before paving the way for many through his dance moves and musicial inspirations.

Overmars, Ding Dong, John Hype, Sadiki, Shelly Belly and Taz from Timeless are among the few dancers trying to conquer the musical scene.

"As an entertainer yuh haffi can perform fi did people dem. Done know a Bogle did come start di ting but him neva get a chance to finish it," Overmars, who is a member of the Ravers Clavers, said.

With the success of Raging Bull, a song which he did with Vegas, Overmars says he intends not only to do dancehall tunes, but songs of different genres.

"Mi nuh plan to only jus do dancing tune, yuh haffi kinda sing songs for other people, whether it be all a little reggae, yuh haffi tink bout people an not jus about yuhself," he said.

Taz, from the dance duo Timeless, recently did a tune with Soltex 3000 titled To Di World. Hesays becoming an artiste has made things easier for him.

"Mi see it relevant, cause more while wen yuh have a dance an yuh say it to a artiste dem nuh really have nuh time to do a dancing tune fi you, cause dem have dem owna tings fi deal wid," he said.

Ding Dong, another member of the Ravers Clavers, is perhaps the most successful of the dancers who have crossed over into music. His career skyrocketed early last year after the his hit single Bad Man Forward, Bad Man Pull Up topped charts both locally and Internationally.

Now dancers like Ding Dong, John Hype and others are reaping the success of having their own shows and tours abroad.

Taz says it is sometimes easier to record songs for yourself.

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October 27, 2007

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