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College girls gone wild

A series of explicit photographs depicting students of the University of The West Indies (UWI), Mona campus, engaging in lesbian activities and other sexual escapades have become the latest scandal to hit the Internet.

An email which THE STAR received recently is the latest of two which feature students of the university. The first email, titled, 'These are UWI girls fa real' has 10 steamy photographs of one man and two different women engaging in various sexual activities.

Oral sex

Some of the pictures depict oral sex, while others show the man having sex with the various women. In the pictures, all parties are completely naked, and the women are by no means shy. In fact, in some pictures, they are looking directly into the camera with big smiles.

The latest email which bears the title 'UWI Girls', has about 19 pictures, some of which are captioned 'boat ride'. This is not your average boat ride, however, as in many of the pictures, the girls are captured in very explicit positions and are barely clad.

The captions for the other pictures bear the names of the persons in the photos and these are more of the 'show and tell' variety. The photographs depict one girl lying between the legs of another, another posing in lingerie and yet another posing topless.

Talk of the campus

A member of the University's Guild of Students confirmed that at least three of the girls were indeed students of the university and told THE STAR that the emails were the talk of the campus. He, however, was not aware that the pictures had left the confines of the campus and expressed concern about the impact the photos would have on the school's reputation.

"It is a big deal. Persons are already of the perception that these immoral activities take place on campus. It is very disturbing and it is a shame," he said.

Two of the girls, whose pictures are being circulated, explained to THE STAR how they became public.

The pictures, they said, were stored on an external storage device, which was reportedly lent to two individuals. "Someone went on my external and stole it. I lent it to two friends so they could take off movies, and the pictures were about five folders away from the main screen, so obviously the person was searching," said Jessica.

She continued, "It was hard at first to deal with it, but we're trying to cope." She also told THE STAR that the families of all the girls involved were also having a hard time, "even if they had accepted it [their lifestyle] before."

Needless to say, the girls are now familiar faces on campus and Jessica revealed, "People say stuff to us, like they call us [names deleted] and things like that." She also revealed that one male had told her he did not like the things she was doing.

Both Mariaand Jessica are worried about how the pictures will affect their future and said, "for the most part, we are victims." Maria continued: "The fact that people are still emailing it is traumatic. I have a lot at stake and all of that is practically ruined. I have a lot of interests in other places and it looks like all of that has gone to the dogs. I'm going to have to see what I can salvage. You have people who don't care and to them it's just a big joke. They even created profiles on hi5 and used the pictures as a slideshow."

'Reflect negatively on UWI'

Though Jessica believes the pictures are private property and no one should be concerned about them, Maria acknowledges that the images could "reflect negatively on UWI." She is also concerned about the response of the administration and said, "I am concerned about what they have to say. It was not something deliberate on our part and, hopefully, they can respect the fact that it was private and someone put it out there. Condemning us now is not going to help the situation. It's not that we were careless. We just lent out the external."

Head of Public Relations at the university, Carol Edwards, was not interested in commenting on the matter and attempts to contact the principal and deputy principal were futile, as both were said to be out of office.

*Names changed.

November 29, 2007

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