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Artistes all about work this Christmas

File photos: Voicemail; Macka Diamond poses with a copy of her book 'Bun Him'.

Teino Evans, Staff Reporter

It is hard to imagine artistes giving up the microphone to partake in the festivities of the Christmas holidays, especially in light of the many albums, singles and shows that some have on their plate to deal with. For many, it is work as usual and family will have to understand that.

According to T.O.K's Alex, "Right now is just promotions for the album, the singles and just getting everything out there. No holiday, no Christmas, just work, and by December 31, wi a guh start tek it to dem (fans) hard."

He continued, "Our New Year begins on December 31. Family a guh vex, but a nuh family time a work time, but dem understand - di likkle time wey wi might get fi spend wid dem, we just have to make the most of it, but especially around this time, it's all about work straight."

Kevin, a member of another popular dancehall group, Voicemail, says this Christmas will be the first that he is away from family.

"Wi a guh Japan for three shows and will be in New York on Christmas Day and then back in Jamaica for Boxing Day. But no family time, this is going to be the first Christmas away from family. But a just work still an wi a try accomplish something now so that other Christmases will be more enjoyable and prosperous," Kevin said.

Macka Diamond says she was not certain if Christmas was still on this year. "Christmas still a gwaan - mi nuh si nutt'n a gwaan," she said.

However, she sang a carol similar to that of her colleagues. "A more work dis year. Mi haffi guh spen time wid di family inna February, not even January, cause is a different set a work a start January. Di Christmas season very busy this year, we have a lot of shows suh wi jus a gwaan hold a meds an prepare fi di show dem," Macka said.

Macka also added, "I have shows for one entire week, from the 24th of December - I have a book launch in Miami, Teens Splash, Camp Fire, GT Christmas Xtravaganza, Teen Fest, then off to New York, Cleveland and some other places abroad."

Trouble, an upcoming female artiste being pushed by Macka Diamond, said that she, too, would be busy this Christmas as she had a show to do in Canada. "Wi a guh work, 'cause a Christmas Eve mi a guh leave for the show in Canada," she said.

At least one artiste admitted that he would be in Jamaica for the Christmas, not because of a lack of shows abroad, but because of the weather.

"Foreign too cold yah man, mi haffi deh a yard," Beenie Man admitted.

But outside of having to do promotions and shows abroad, many artistes will indeed be kept quite occupied with the number of stage shows that will be happening on the local scene, as there will be major stage shows from December 24 right through to the new year.

Last year, many artistes had different plans altogether, as many said that the Christmas season was a time for family and close friends, but this year, things have clearly got more busy and family time has now become secondary to work.

December 15, 2007

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