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Bishop delivers prophetic message

Dr. Delford Davis

Bishop Dr. Delford Davis, head clergyman of the Power of Faith Ministries in Portmore, delivered a prophetic message that is bound to cause of spiritual revival and transformation in the land of Jamaica.

"Transformation! a new day has dawned the flood is over," Bishop Davis said emphatically to thousands of people listening to his speech. The flood he spoke of was the high incidence of crime and disunity that existed in 2007. "Come out with a purpose as law- abiding citizens, come out with a purpose as members of the security forces."

He charged the church to lead the change in Jamaica in terms of creating a more loved and unified nation, as well as by living better with one's neighbour.

Bishop Davis was speaking at the third national call of the 'Heal the Family', Heal the Nation' fasting service series at the National Arena recently.

The event was organised by Power of Faith Ministries in association with the Jamaica Ass-ociation of Full Gospel of Churches.


In his 30-minute long speech, Bishop Davis said that the church would lead a transformation in Jamaica, so powerful that it would cause people to change from their wicked ways.

Pastors either touched on a particular topic or brought greetings throughout the day. Bishop Herro Blair, who had a dual role, as his the nation's Ombudsman and the head of the Faith Cathedral, spoke on 'an invincible combination, justice, mercy and humility', while, Bishop Davis' spiritual father Rev. Dr. V.T. Williams, head of the Jamaica Evangelist Association spoke on: 'Restore The Power and the Glory'.

Bishop Everton Thomas placed an anointing word on the gathering with his message '2008 - A new Era', while, Rev. Karl Johnson's lengthy presentation addressed 'The Church United an invincible force.'

Prime Minister Bruce Golding and the leader of the Opposition Portia Simpson Miller graced the podium and were greeted with loud claps and cheers from the congregation.

January 19, 2008

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