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'Reggae' vibes at stadium

Bounty Killer and Tarrus Riley

Teino Evans, Staff Reporter

Jamaicans really know how to have a good time despite a shortage of goals during their recent friendly against Costa Rica.

The vibe and energy level inside the National Stadium was maintained for the greater part of the match by activities both on and off the field.

At one point in the first half of play, just as the Reggae Boyz won a crucial free kick in the 20-yard zone, patrons were forced to divide their attention between the action on the field and an incident in the bleachers section, where two police officers tried desperately to apprehend a man.

"Yow a wah dem police deh a deal wid, nuh tek di free kick yet, 'cause dis look serious, watch yah watch yah di yute get wey from di police," one patron commented as he tried to keep both eyes on the football match and the incident with the police.

The half-time break also saw some more action, but in a different form, as a few entertainers gave brief performances during the break. The likes of Tarrus Riley who warned, "Mek Costa Rica know sey, It's A Battlefield;" Mavado reminding he was still on the Gully Side, Bounty Killer reminding that him Still Deya and Serani and Bugle performing their hit single DOH.

Other artistes like Tony Rebel, Etana and Queen Ifrica also performed to the delight of the massive crowd.

After such a hype, the second half did not go according to plan, as an 80th-minute goal from Costa Rica's Victor Nunez killed the vibe created earlier.

Coach René Simoes was no longer in his usual frantic mode, gesticulating from the sideline, but, instead, merely stood with his hands on his hips, later signalling for a substitution to be made.

Needless to say, many spectators had by this time started to make their way out of the stadium and would have missed the equalising goal from Tyrone Marshall, who scored just 10 minutes from time.

February 9, 2008

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