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Duppy caught on tape?

A clip from the video which shows a mass leaving from a window in Tivoli Gardens. Residents claim this mass is a ghost.

Residents of Tivoli Gardens in west Kingston believe that a 'duppy' has been haunting their community and now they say they have proof.

The existence of the ghost has become a hot topic on the lips of residents, as well as others who have viewed a video clip which was reportedly recorded at a dance which was recently held in the area.

The video clip begins with a handful of dancers on the top of a high rise building in the community during one of their entertainment events. At about 12 seconds into the clip a black mass suddenly floats through a window in a section of the building. This many are claiming is a ghost.

"Is a good while now people a seh duppy deh bout di place still...Even before di video weh people have pon dem phone start go roun," said Markie.

When THE STAR visited the community, some residents admitted to believing that a duppy is indeed in the community. Others however expressed their disbelief to any such happening.

'Black mass'

According to some residents, the 'black mass' is the spirit of one of the five men which were reportedly shot and killed after they allegedly fired at a joint police/military team which had swooped down on the area on January 13.

The dead men 23-year-old Fitzroy Daley, 18-year-old Conrad Francis, 22-year-old Oneil Palmer and 20-year-old Ronaldo Mitchell all of Tivoli Gardens addresses, were reportedly killed while in a house in a section of the community called Yankee Corner.

The Controvercial Ghost Clip

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According to the residents, while they have seen the ghost on other occasions there is still uncertainty about its identity.

"All now nobody nuh si him face eno, so nobody cyaa seh a which one a di yute dem duppy it be," said Carol who claimed to have seen the ghost.

In continuing Carol said; "Wi only kno seh is a man duppy cause a di body frame, an a dat everybody who see him seh. Nobody nuh see him face cause him back always turn."

Another resident, Fay, said that since the ghost sightings, there have been reports of strange sounds coming form sections of the community where no one lives.

Strange sounds

"Yu si di house weh dem dead inna, a nuff night people seh dem a pass an hear all kind a strange soun a come from in deh. Most a dem say it soun like somebody a bawl but everybody fraid fi go investigate," she claimed.

But despite these sightings, the residents claim that they are not afraid.

They say that it has not hurt of frightened anyone so they assume it is only temporarily wandering about.

"Mi nuh hear bout nobody a seh it frighten dem or nuttin like dat still...It look like him jus a walk bout inna him place til him go hol a final rest," Carol said.

Nevertheless, there are those who believe that what their fellow residents are claiming to see is simply a figment of their imagination.

March 18, 2008

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