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Another look at 'school sex' tape

The most recent 'sex among schoolers' clip was sent to my personal e-mail address three times.

I read the commentary then deleted the message. And it wasn't so much my lack of interest in amateur pornography. I just hate attachments. Me nuh have the time fi dat. I open e-mail attachments when it have to do with serious business. Is true; so if you sending me a good joke and it not in the body of the email sorry, di laugh lost!

But two readers 'box-iti-back' to me. One came with another crude caption. The second one, however, made me think. It came from a young lady who said "bwoy Blakka, mi shame fi dah girl deh. And dem bwoy deh too wicked. You need fi watch the video and talk bout it" So, I painstakingly opened the attachment, and watched the tape.

Damning act

Before commenting on the tape, a word on the commentaries: In all the messages I received, people damned the act generally, (or found it a source of amusement) but appeared to reserve special condemnation for the girl. One friend of mine made no mention of the boys - one physically and others vicariously penetrating the girl - but described the girl thus: "dat wutless gal wid har foot up inn di air like TV antennae is a disgrace to all schoolgirls".

Only one of five had sympathy for the girl and condemnation for the boys. Interesting eh?

Strong case for condoms

And the video maybe makes a strong case for condoms in schools. The actors had no such prop on their set. But, I didn't just watch, I listened. I heard an unseen older boy. He was obviously the mastermind behind this project to record a daylight-schoolyard sex scene and send to people all over the world via MMS and Internet - I stay all the way a Canada and see it! His was the voice of authority. He was the producer/director/narrator of the video. He knew the name of the boy doing the command performance to satisfy his voyeurism, but only asked the girl her name for purposes of the video. To him she's a 'nobody'. She's been reduced to just a body part. And as he urged the performing male to increase the aggression on that body part, he used words like "ram", "grind" and "it"

Interestingly, from the clip I received, it appears as if either: 1. The 'act' was about to start again when the recording ended, or 2. Something went amiss with the sending so we get a recording that starts with the act in progress, then a cut back to the opening scene.

In this (either opening or continuing) scene, I see a girl who appears to lap her uniform skirt between her legs, close her legs, and attempt to push a boy away as he tries lift her legs. I hear her voice saying 'mi nah romp!' To me, she is maybe using all she can summon to try and say 'no!".

Based on the above, in many countries of the world she'd be called the victim, and the act could be called gang rape. But cool nuh man, is Jamaica; so we just call her a 'wutless gal!' and call di ting a sex tape. Yeah, I agree with my reader in her sympathy for this girl.

She very likely didn't 'ask for it' and was aggressively coerced, pressured, maybe even enticed with cash or persuaded by threat to momentarily give up her dignity while some sick boys digitally inscribe their perversions. Yeah man a so me see the thing. How you see it?

March 19, 2008

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