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Dancin' Dynamites bring it with a

Shamille Bryan

STAR Writer

The first live and exciting studio final of the Star-sponsored Dancin' Dynamites Competition was held on Sunday, at the TVJ Studio.

For the next eight weeks, 14 teams from across the island will vie for the championship title of the next Dancin' Dynamite for 2008.

Host Jennifer Small commented that nine of the contestants were hand-picked by the voting public and five were chosen by the judges Orville Hall and Neila Ebanks, based on their performance during the eliminations.

The first segment of the show saw Mad Squad and Untouchable Squad dancing to '80's Dancehall and the 'babyfathers', Untouchable Squad brought the dance moves and the dolls in their set to demonstrate their 'fatherly' skills.

Guest judge Latonya was more than pleased with the performance from Mad Squad and afforded them the first nine for the night but she was not too pleased with the way Untouchable Squad used the concept of the baby and gave them a score of six. Neila proved to be the toughest judge, wanting them to do more with moves and props, 5s and 6s were her common numbers.

kindest judges

Other contestants for the night were Sigma H Square, Venom Squad, Ghetto Rise, Blaze-Az, Hypa Active Clique, HJ Squad, Unlimited Dancers, Rock Star, Mad Link, G Squad, Flair Force and X-Factor.

Latonya was one of the kindest judges for the night by giving the most 10s to competitors: Ghetto Rise, Sigma H Square, Venom Squad, Unlimited Dancers, G Squad and Flair Force.

Orville's 10 went to only two groups, G Squad and X Factor. His infectious energy and shout of "When I say dancers you say "Boom" had the studio audience booming away with thrill and excitement. He loved these dancers' use of space and creativity. They both walked away with the highest point of 29 out of 30.

The rest of the work is up to the voting public to decide the dynamites they wish to stay and the two they wish to send home. The repeat of the show can be seen on TVJ Thursdays at 5:30 p.m.

On Sunday, tap dancers as well as guest judge Yendi Phillipps, Miss Jamaica World 2008, will add to the thrill and entertainment of an already electrifying Dancin' Dynamites Competition.

As the contestants would say, "Bring It!"

Shamille Bryan

G Squad

Shamille Bryan

X Factor

March 20, 2008

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