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UNDERAGE BOYS SELLING ORAL SEX - Women who buy these services can be charged, cops say

Dwayne Mcleod, Staff Reporter

A growing trend of underage boys being paid by older women to perform oral sex has been occurring in sections of the Corporate Area and St. Catherine.

Checks by THE STAR revealed that boys under 16 years old in at least three inner-city communities, in east Kingston and St. Catherine, are being solicited by older women seeking oral services.

Police attached to these areas say they have heard of this but nevertheless there are no reported cases. They say however that if reported, these women can be charged with indecent assault and could face up to five years in prison if convicted.

Detective Corporal Jeffery Wilkins of the Area Four police said, "...There's very little we can do because we are not receiving any formal reports..We have heard about it, but it remains just a rumour because we have no cases."

Similarly, Deputy Superintendent Herfa Beckford, head of the The Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse ( CISOCA), also said that while she has heard of this, they do not have reported cases.

However DSP Beckford said that she is aware of an incident which occurred some time ago when an underage boy was paid to perform oral sex with an older woman but subsequent investigations revealed that she was psychologically ill.

Youngsters happy

According to CISOCA, these exchanges are mostly likely not being reported because the youngsters are happy with the deals. The police, they say, would have no reports of it unless a parent, guardian or some concerned individual made a report.

Despite the lack of formal reports, police officers who perform guard duties at the Family Court in Kingston, told THE STAR that a number of parents have been turning up with these cases.

"Jus come dung ya more time and jus watch and listen...Most a di yute dem who we hear seh a do it a usually some bad pickney who dem parents cyaa control dem," one officer who wished to remain anonymous said before adding "Di likkle yute dem look like any big man, a mussi dat di woman dem like fi si."

Upon visiting these communities, the allegations were easily confirmed. Residents of Tredegar Park in St. Catherine joked about the situation and claimed they were aware of at least three youngsters who were involved in the acts.

"De yute dem a prostitute out demself, yu nuh see it. Might as well dem go a New Kingston go long out dem tongue," Sherine, a resident said while others laughed.

THE STAR did not get a chance to speak with any of the persons who have been involved in these practices.

March 28, 2008

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