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Wet 'n' wild at Wata Party

Teino Evans, Staff Reporter

It's wata time! - Colin Hamilton photos

When the promoters of the 'the official and original' Wata Party made their tag line, 'prepare to get wet', they were not joking.

Around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday morning when patrons were wining and gyrating with their partners at the event held in the car park just next door to Mas Camp on Oxford Road to the song which said, "di people want wata", they probably did not expect their wish to come through.

"Uno tired or a wata uno a wait pon?" the selector asked, as a resounding "yes" led the selector to order that the water be brought out, "only if uno form a soca train".

The patrons made no hesitation in forming their soca train. But it was quickly derailed when a large volume of water was let loose from a hose. As the cold water hit the patrons' warm bodies, there were intense screams of excitement as they went wild, jumping, gyrating and prancing about in the water.

"Yuh wet yet?" the selector questioned after about 10 to 15 minutes of patrons being 'hosed', before he paused the music briefly to address one particular patron.

"Yuh a gwaan too bad, put on back yuh clothes," the selector said as he sounded up the 'Island Mas' party once more.

"Uno wet now," the selector asked once more, as he decided to give the hose a rest and declared, "a wining time again - look pon dem breast deh!"

The sight of females, wet from head to toe, gyrating to tunes like Allison Hinds' Roll It Gyal and other soca favourites certainly excited many of the men.

The vibes only got better when DJ Kurt Riley, at 1:15 a.m., ,officially welcomed everyone to the Wata Party. He immediately went straight to the point on the turntables, as he found that many persons inside the venue were Tempted To Touch. Things got better as the women were told to Back It Up and had their Bumper Ketch A Fire, as the men went Insane.

The blend of some of the hottest soca and dancehall songs was not overdone. It was just the right dosage to thrill the patrons on the dance floor.

There was, however, a dancehall segment, where patrons let loose to songs like Vybz Kartel's Beyonce Wine, Beenie Man's Dude, Tony Matterhorn's Goodas Fi Dem, Lady Saw and Spragga Benz's Backshot and Busy Signal's Pon Di Edge.

Then it was back to the soca flavour for the rest of the early morning, as patrons were dared to Come Tes My Wine by Destra.

March 31, 2008

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