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St Thomas cops plead for help

Dwayne Mcleod, Staff Reporter

The St Thomas police are urging residents to come forward with information to assist the police in nabbing criminals who are "spreading their wings" in the parish.

Though the division is not dubbed a regular "hot-spot" by the police, Deputy Superintendent Marlon Nesbeth, commander for the division however noted that the police have recovered six illegal weapons since the start of the year.

This he disclosed yesterday at a press conference which was held at the Police Officer's Club in St Andrew.

The police released the names of 22 men collectively from four police divisions, with St Thomas among the four.

DSP Nesbeth fingered Deon 'Skull Man' McDonald as the mastermind behind at least two of the nine murders which were committed in the parish since January.

"Deon McDonald is said to link with men even from the St Andrew North division, so you see how they move around," DSP Nesbeth pointed out.

Also wanted in the St Thomas division are Omar Liking, also called 'Beef Head' who is wanted along with 'Skull Man' in connection with the 2005 murder of Winston McQueen of Seaforth in the parish.

The other wanted men are Michael Brown, Martin Mckinley and Ricardo Cooper. Brown is wanted for the murder of a taxi operator in 2006; McKinley is being sought for the murder of Kerron Moore, 20 of Yallahs in St Thomas, while Cooper is wanted for for the 2003 murder of Jophenieh Thompson in Dalvey, St Thomas.

April 3, 2008

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