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'We're just friends' - Noddy and Jodian say they are not dating

Teino Evans, Staff Reporter

Virtue and Pantry perform at Digicel Rising Stars Valentine's Day concert at The Hampton School, St Elizabeth. - Denise Reid

It has definitely been a Bed of Roses for singers Noddy Virtue and Jodian Pantry, as the two have found the right kind of chemistry together.

It has been rumoured that the two share an intimate relationship. However, they have both denied this saying the chemistry is all about the music.

"Dat a nuh true, wi jus' friends pon a musical level," Noddy says. "The chemistry is strong within our music but a jus' di people a tek it out a context."

Nothing new

The rumours were nothing new to Jodian. "No, that's so not true. I've been hearing all kind of rumours. I've even been hearing that I'm pregnant for him (Noddy) and that we are going to get married and live abroad."

But Jodian is putting the rumours to rest once and for all.

"I have a fiancÚ."

However, Jodian says, "As entertainers we have to expect these things, especially when you have a male partner. But I am the person who chose to come this route, because I am an aggressive performer, so two aggressive performers coming together will definitely do some damage."

Noddy and Jodian have been making several appearances together, performing both locally and abroad, sharing their Bed of Roses with various audiences, and according to Noddy, "It's a warm welcome all over the world with me and Jodi. The reception has been good, everywhere we go, people all over always give us a warm welcome."


Currently, Noddy and Jodian are in studio working on some new singles together, as Noddy says:

"Right now wi suppose to go in the studio and lay two more tracks, 'cause wi nah stop do songs. And right now wi a create waves around the world, suh nuh matter wah people a sey, wi jus a gwaan do wi ting an nuh mek dat distract me an Jodi from do wi songs."

The two also have a couple shows lined up for the United States:

"We have a show in Atlanta on Mother's Day and then shows in Texas and California after," Noddy says.

The duet, who gained popularity from the televised Rising Stars series are also planning on doing an album together, as the success of their current single have left fans craving for more.

"Definitely," Noddy says, "there are plans to put a duet album out, but we've just completed the video for Bed of Roses an wi jus a gwaan promote da song deh."

And Jodian adds, "We just did the music video an a now people a guh talk. But we just want people to enjoy it (the song), because it's not every day you hear this type of music."

April 4, 2008

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