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Clarendon police report success in dismantling gangs

Deputy Superintendent in charge of operations in the Clarendon Police Division, Patrick Murdock, has said that the police are having some success in dismantling criminal gangs, with the assistance of citizens.

Speaking at the first quarterly meeting of the Clarendon Parish Development Committee (CPDC) held recently at the Vere Technical High School, Murdock noted that many gang members had been taken into custody as a result of citizens passing on crucial information to the police.

"The guys who are responsible for the problems in the communities are well known. We have a number of them in jail awaiting trial, and as the people continue to play their part in ridding communities of these persons, we will see a significant drop in crimes being committed," he said.

The deputy superintendent says he has visited various areas of the parish and left his telephone numbers with residents, and this has borne fruit as it has led to the capture of wanted men.

"I urge everyone to call any of the senior officers and tell what you know," he urged, while adding that the Clarendon police had received additional resources to beef up crime fighting measures.

Vice-chairman of the CPDC, Dr. Edward Wright, said the group would continue to work with the police, the Social Development Commission (SDC), and parent-teacher associations to curb crime in the parish.

"We have to work with communities to fight the crime. We are our brother's keeper. We have to separate the few bad men from those who want to see good in the communities," he stated.

April 29, 2008

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