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Politicians caught on King tape

TWO HIGH-PROFILE politicians have been identified on the notorious Peter King's tapes.

The two, who are men who have served in government, were seen entering King's residence, THE STAR has been reliably informed.

There is, however, no evidence that the men were involved in the stomach churning sexual activities that have been captured on the tapes.

Trade Ambassador King was fatally stabbed at his house, on Waterloo Road in New Kingston, in March 2006.

The accused, 23-year-old Sheldon Pusey, is claiming that he acted in self-defence when King made sexual advances at him.

On Monday, Supreme Court Judge Donald McIntosh ordered that all the exhibits, including the videotapes taken from King's house, be handed over to the defence.

It has been said that King had developed a habit of videotaping homosexual acts at his house. Many of these acts are on the tapes which the police had taken.

The court was told on Monday that some of the tapes could not be located. Sources say that the missing tapes may contain footage of many prominent professionals who are living a 'down-low' life.

But some of King's performers were not so lucky and their homosexual acts have now been revealed on the tapes which are to be viewed by Pusey's lawyers.

"It is disgusting and stomach churning," a source said. There is a sex act during which King is shouting the name of the God's begotten son, the source said.

"Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ," King is said to have been shouting in ecstasy as he wrapped his legs around the neck of a young lover.

THE STAR understands that there are scenes with young boys bathing in bathrooms in the nude with a voice, supposedly that of King, telling them how to pose.

Several prominent men are said to be featured on the tapes having sex. Scenes of anal sex and 'blow-jobs' are also in abundance on King's notorious tapes, THE STAR has been reliably informed.

May 2, 2008

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