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A report that a man and a woman got stuck while having sex and had to be rushed to a popular hospital has been the talk on the lips of several persons at that medical facility.

The report said that the man's penis had to be cut off after the woman's vagina tightened around it and he was not able to get out.

Though employees confirmed hearing about the report, the hospital's administration say they have never heard of such a case.

Reports reaching THE STAR say that the man and the woman showed up to the hospital in an inseparable sexual position, similar to that of two canines that had got stuck during the mating process. It is understood that the woman had to be injected with muscle relaxant by medical staff to release her severe grip on the man. By this time, however, it was too late as oxygen and blood had stopped circulating in the man's member for too long, hence it had to be cut off.

Coitus captivus

When The Star visited the hospital, there were only a few staff members who admitted that they too have heard the incident and were questioning if the argument was just a rumour.

"Well, I hear bout it but mi nuh really know if a true," said one porter who was on duty. "I jus hear the argument wha day when mi come back a work, yuh see me? But I don't know who it happen to or when, nothing like that. I just hear that a man and a woman come up yah hitch."

A staff member from the Accident and Emergency Unit said he, too, heard of the incident, but like his co-worker could not say if it was true.

While he, too, has never heard about the case at the hospital, Dr Alverston Bailey, medical doctor and immediate past president of the Medical Association of Jamaica (MAJ), said it was theoretically possible for a man and a woman to get 'stuck' in such a compromising position.

"It's a disorder we learnt about in medical school but I have never seen any cases of it. It's called coitus captivus, where the woman's vaginal muscle spasm during intercourse and traps the man," he said. "This would be a very unpleasant experience for the man as the lady's severe grip would be quite painful, locking off blood circulation and oxygen to the man's penis. So, in other words, it would be as if the penis was being strangled."

Dr Bailey said that when this happens medical attention would have to be sought immediately, in the event that the woman was not able to calm herself and relax her muscles as the longer the wait, the more severe the pain would get.

May 5, 2008

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